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Here are some quick facts on some of your favorite pieces!  This is a great guide to keep around during our live and Instagram sales! We have actually added to and updated this list of crystal healing and metaphysical properties!  You can find more quick crystal facts on our new dedicated page.

If you need some help with crystal identification of pieces you may have at home, I suggest taking a peek at our photo crystal identifier page.  It might only be our order freebie rotation, but it might provide a little guidance!


Aegerine is a powerful crystal that helps you stay true to your convictions, but also allows you to accept others for who they are. It is one of the most effective stones for helping you to let go of negativity.

Amethyst is part of the quartz crystal family. It is a great stone for protection, purification, and can also help promote a restful night of sleep.

Amazonite helps reduce stress, healing after traumas, and helps to soothe.  It is also a great stone for organizing.

Apatite is a stone known to help you develop your physic abilities, and clairvoyance. This is a great stone to keep around if you are trying to eat better or make healthier decisions as it helps with willpower. It can also help you release and detox from poor decision making and habits of the past. Great for the third eye and throat chakras.

Apophyllite helps you to start anew, and clear out past emotional traumas. It is a peaceful stone.

Aragonite is an earthly crystal known for helping with the Root and Earth Star Chakras. It is grounding, helps you speak the truth, relieves stress and brings patience. It helps one to care for the earth.

Azurite is great for communication, personal growth, and calming anxiety and stress.  It has a natural vibrant coloring.

Barite helps with communication and clear thought. Helps calm anxiety and nerves. It can also help you set boundaries. It has a ton of other great features too!

Blue Celestite is a peaceful crystal that helps to lift your spirits. It is also great for communication and creativity. The crystal of angels.

Blue Holly Agate is a calming and nurturing crystal and helps with sleep. It also helps with creativity and protection.

Calcite helps with communication, spiritually, and amplifying your energy. Also great for learning. Pink calcite is great for bringing one feelings of peace and well being. It attracts love as well as new opportunities. Helps to soothe emotionally and physically.

Chalcopyrite, aka peacock ore is an uplifting and energetic stone. It helps to calm nerves and push away stressful energy.

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication and expression. It is also protective and empowering.

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones for manifesting your desires. This is a rare stone, and thus natural citrine is harder to get. *Most ‘Citrine’ is heat-treated amethyst and has a bright orange look. Natural citrine should not be that color, and should instead be a light tan to yellow citrine color.

Cobalto Calcite is a joyful and happy stone full of love! This form of calcite gets its pink or purple color from cobalt. Helps to bring you energy and a boost of cheerful vibes and excitement. Definitely a positive stone!

Cerussite is all about bringing on change. It is well known and searched after for its amazing sparkle!

Cracked Quartz is a natural quartz crystal that has been treated with temperature variation to crack it more. These cracks are all internal, so you cannot feel them on the outside.

Dolomite is incredibly balancing, and helps to promote patience with people who can often test your limits. It will balance out your chakras.

Elestial Amethyst is also known as skeletal amethyst or alligator amethyst. They are known to have an incredibly high vibrational energy.

Emerald is great for abundance, luck, health, protection, and safe travels.

Epidote is a great stone for bring about hope and positivity as it releases negativity. Helps to change patterns and your mindset. Brings about optimism and helps to cure depression.

Fire Quartz is also known as hematoid quartz as it is included with hematite. It is covered with small little quartz points and has a bit of red hematite for a pink hue.  The official name for fire/hematoid quartz is Ferruginous Quartz. The combination of these two stones uses the amplification of quartz and pairs it with the balance and grounding from hematite.

Fluorite is a harmonizing and grounding stone. Purple fluorite helps enhance the mind and decision making. It is also calming and helps you connect to your higher-self.  Yellow fluorite specifically helps you overcome feelings of shame.

Fuchsite is a super powerful stone! Basically will make you feel like you have an angel guardian around. Seriously just google this stone’s meaning. : )

Galena is grounding, protects you from negative energy, and gives you a positive and optimistic attitude. It can also bring stability and calming.

Garnet is a great crystal for attracting love and wealth. It can make you feel grounded and present in the moment. Great stone for manifestation and creating positive energy. It is the birthstone for January.

Grape Agate is a protective stone that offers stability, self-confidence and security. It also helps you bring out your mature and and composed side, so if you often react immaturely, this one is perfect for you! It is also a crystal for dreams and meditation.

Green Aventurine is a crystal known for prosperity, abundance, luck, love and compassion. It is also a healing and calming crystal. Great for the heart chakra.

Halite is full of cleansing and purifying energy that helps to create positive energy in your space. It can help purify the air (much like Himalayan Salt does). It is peaceful and calming and can help balance moods.

Hanksite is known to be one of the most purifying minerals to keep around. It helps with change, especially the understanding of death. It is a strong spiritual stone, especially for connecting to Earth. It is harmonizing and can help to balance the Chakras.

Hematite is very earthy stone, great for balance and equilibrium. Helps with self-confidence. It is incredibly grounding too.

Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful amplifier, manifestation, healing, dreams. It is the most powerful of the quartz crystals.  It holds all of the powers of a quartz as well.

Howlite is a very calming stone. Helps with insomnia and an over-active mind. Can also help with focus and concentration to help with success.

Labradorite is a protective and shielding crystal. It helps to naturally amplify your inner energy as well as increasing your intuition.

Lemurian Crystals have an even greater master healing quality. It is said that each of the ‘rings’ or lines shown on the Lemurian hold an ancient piece of knowledge, information, or a message. As you meditate you are supposed to gently rub your finger along the crystal’s ridges.  A true Lemurian only comes from one place.

Lepidolite is great for removing stress and calming anxiety. Also helps with depression. Guessing that the pretty sparkles definitely help!!

Malachite is a protective stone, especially for people who fly frequently. It helps to improve your moods and also helps with innovation.

Moonstone is a beautiful white and black crystal with a hint of a blue flash to it (like labradorite). Moonstone is a very loving and female centered crystal, perfect for those who are looking to help with fertility problems. It helps to heal and make you feel whole again.

Obsidian, a lava stone, is great at absorbing all things negative… energies, environmental, and technological garbage. It also helps to unearth lies, and therefore helps you find the truth. It definitely is a protective crystal!

Ocean Jasper is a multi-colored crystal ranging from dark green, to white, pink, orange and everything in between. It is great for joy, positivity, optimism, conciousness, stress.

Orthoceras (fossil) are great for bringing about and accepting change. They bring about a fresh energy and positive attitude.

Petrified Wood is super duper old, and is actually no longer wood. Over millions of years, minerals overtake the original wood and create a hard formation that looks as the wood once did. Petrified wood is incredibly grounding and helps you connect to the earth.

Polychrome Jasper is beautiful and colorful recent find from Madagascar. It represents energy, vitality, passion and emotions. It is a fire element.

Pyrite signifies prosperity and abundance. It is a protective stone that blocks out negativity and promotes overall well-being and uplifts your mood. (I can only assume it’s because sparkles make everything better HAHA).

Quartz is a master healer. It is able to amplify the properties of surrounding crystals, and can also cleanse them. Quartz is one of the few crystals that can not only be programmed with your intentions, but also does not have to be cleansed.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. That can include relationships, self-love, and compassion. It is a soft and nurturing stone. Definitely great to keep around.

Rubies are a great source of energy. It is also said that these are a great stone for women, especially pregnancy. These rubies have record keepers that are said to hold ancient wisdom and a special message for the owner of the crystal. This makes them a great stone for meditation.

Rutile (often as ritulated quartz) is known for its amazing cleansing and purifying properties and can also recharge your chakras.

Sand Selenite, aka desert rose, sand gypsum, selenite gypsum, etc. Has all of the properties of selenite, but is also known to each carry it’s own properties that are as unique as the structures themselves. Help with change and gaining a new mindset. They also guard your spirit.

Sardonyx is a high vibration stone known for happiness and optimism.

Selenite helps to cleanse your crystals without having to wait for the moon! All you have to do is place your crystal rings or small crystals on the selenite sticks, and it will take care of the rest. Selenite is one of the crystals that doesn’t have to be cleansed.

Septarian crystals are made from yellow calcite, brown aragonite, limestone and barite. Septarian crystals are very calming, but at the same time are uplifting and joyful. They are great crystals to keep around if you frequently deal with group situations. They are also grounding.

Smoky Quartz (or smokey as some say) is a protective crystal that helps to block and absorb negative energy from your space.

Sodalite helps with inner peace, logical thinking and clear communication. Helps filter thoughts as well.

Sphalerite is an incredibly grounding stone, helps to increase vitality (energy), is great for accepting changes, starting new jobs and making decisions.

Stillbite is an incredibly gentle and loving crystal, and helps to brighten and uplift one’s mood. It helps to give you insight into situations that allow you to remain optimistic but grounded (realistic expectations).

Sulfur helps to find your calm and inner peace, and can help to give you patience. It can also help to absorb negative energies around you. So if you know of someone with anger management problems, this would be a great gift to give them.

Super 7’s are comprised of amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, clear quartz, rutile and smoky quartz. These crystals are known to be super powerful pieces, and great for Reiki. Super 7 is also known as a melody crystal or auralite 23. Hold them up to a light to see the minerals better.

Spirit Quartz promotes harmony in addition to all the properties of quartz.  It is found in South Africa almost exclusively.

Tiger Eye is a stone that helps you release fears and anxiety so that you are able to more forward and take action. You will be able to make decisions based on information rather than emotions. Great for goal setting and achievement.

Tourmaline is a protective crystal that helps to absorb negative energy. Pink tourmaline specifically helps to let go of old wounds, guilt and depression. It is a great crystal for self-love.

White Aragonite is one of the rare crystals that can work with all of the chakras and allow you to realign all of them. It is a patient and stress-relieving crystal by being able to balance emotions.


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