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My Little Patio Serenity Space

Since so many people have been asking for where my patio goodies came from, here is a quick list of the items!  Most are available on Amazon too, so easy to access!  Of course I added my own rose quartz and pyrite from the shop to make the fountain and space my own. 

From Amazon

Sectional Couch Set with Table (you can get in smaller or larger combinations)

Water Fountain (it's about 13" so small enough that you can put it anywhere, even inside if you have a spa!)

White Bookshelf (this one isn't made for outside, so I added rubber feet and it's covered)

Cabana Curtains in Sea Foam

Curtain Ties

Solar Lanterns (and the hanging chains)


-Plants are from Home Depot

-Pots are from HomeGoods and Home Depot

-Pink Candles from HomeGoods


I also considered this larger fountain that received good reviews, but opted for a smaller one until I figure out a permanent backyard setup.


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