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This section of the Contempo Crystals shop is dedicated to crystal tools and accessories to use in your self-love rituals like Crystal Rollers, or cleansing crystal needs like Palo Santo or Singing Bowls.  We are looking forward to growing this section of the Contempo Crystals crystal shop all the time! Read more about metaphysical tools and gifts at the bottom of the page!

Metaphysical Gifts

metaphysical gift ideas

Our Crystal face rollers come in quite a few different crystal options including the popular green jade, pink rose quartz, and clear quartz, but we've also added other options like tiger eye and black obsidian. These gemstone rollers are amazing to roll over your face to help with puffiness, blood flow, fighting wrinkles and more. They all feature a rose gold colored metal accenting (not actual rose gold) for an elegant look. These are a great tool for a little crystal infused self-love work!

If you feel that your crystals, or even your space needs a little energetic cleansing, we have a variety of options for you including both smoke and sound cleansing options. We offer ethically and sustainably sourced Palo Santo Wood and White Sage in a couple of options. For more details on those be sure to visit their product pages.

If you need a burning bowl for Palo Santo or Sage, we also have our little metal burning bowls that are an adorable lotus flower shape. These incense bowls come with cut-outs on the lid in order to allow the smoke to flow out and into your home, office, or special space. The lotus bowls have a gold brassy antique finish to them.

No matter your metaphysical needs, you are sure to find something perfect in this section!

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Metaphysical gift ideas