**Instagram Crystal Sales - Sept 26th & 27th!! - Follow @contempocrystals for details!**


Prices do not include shipping, estimates are available on this page.  Please let me know before checkout if you are located outside of the US.

- - - - -
***MUST pay within 24 hours of claiming!!***
- $10 minimum per checkout (before shipping).
- Payment plans available on orders OVER $150.  Find the full rules here.
- No Holds, Put Backs, or Cancellations - If you do any of these, you will not be able to shop future sales.
- Do NOT haggle or ask for additional discounts.
- - - - -

For all sales, posts, etc.  All items are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
**I suggest taking screenshots of your claims to keep track.**


CLAIM ON POST: Comment 'SOLD' or 'MINE' word plus the PRICE and LETTER if there is one. Ignore any letters that might be on stickers in the videos.
**Do NOT DM me to claim.  And do NOT delete comments, I see them immediately event if I don't confirm right away.**

CLAIM ON STORY HIGHLIGHT: DM with 'SOLD' or 'MINE' plus the quantity if multiple are selected.  Please do these slowly as sometimes Instagram glitches if you go too fast.

– AVAILABILITY: ALL of the items on the entire account are available unless they are noted with a SOLD.  Please also check claims in comments.  If a post is showing, there is at least one piece available in it.

– POSTS: Most of the posts have multiple items on it.  They are always 'like items' AKA if an Ocean Jasper Sphere is showing, there are more Ocean Jasper Spheres posted with it.  So even if you don't like the first one showing, one you might love could be posted there too! : )

CLAIM CONFIRMATION: Once a crystal is claimed, I will mark as sold.  I will usually comment back to you, but sometimes I will just 'like' your claim if it is busy.  Once the items are paid for and all items are sold, I will archive the post.

– TOTALS OR LIST OF ITEMS: Please screenshot your claims (posts, stories, live sales etc. so you have an idea of how much you currently owe and what items you have claimed.  I do not have your total until I am ready to post the listings.

INTUITIVELY SELECTED: Items noted 'multiple available' will be intuitively selected for you.  NO requests for specific pieces... trying will not help your cause HAHA. : )

I recommend trying to claim rather than asking if it is available.  Asking availability does not hold the piece.⠀


- Prices are listed in USD $$

– Must pay within 24 hours of your FIRST claims.  I will post listings to this website each night between 4-8pm Pacific.  You will just find the listing with your Instagram Name and checkout.⠀

– You may add items to your claim up to the 24 hour deadline, but it does not extend your time.  If you want to add items, please let me know ASAP and BEFORE you checkout.  Please do not checkout and then immediate try to add an item.  : (

– Always watch my Instagram Stories for an announcement on when listings are up. I will not send you anything directly.  You will have 24 hours from when I post the Story Announcement, not from when you see it.

Please keep in mind  : ) 
I'm just one girl behind this screen doing everything.  Please be conscious of my time and what is going on with other shoppers.  During sales I do not allow requests for additional photos/videos or measurements.  Between sales I understand sometimes people need additional photos or sizes, but please be 95% sure you want that piece before asking. : )