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Properties of Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite Tumbles

If you are looking to learn more about the fluorite properties and meanings then read on! I'll also cover what fluorite typically looks like (and variations) and a bit more on its history.

What does Fluorite look like?

Fluorite, also known as Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful vibrantly colored crystal usually found in purple and green colors. Although the most common colors are purple and green, there can also be pink, blue, or yellow within the stone. Fluorite is easily identified by these colors and the fantastic banding (stripes) that pattern throughout its polished formation. However, Fluorite may not show obvious signs of banding when in its rough form, and the coloring may not be as vibrant. In addition to the widely recognized Rainbow Fluorite, fluorite grows in cluster formations around the world.  These can be very cubic, structures, octahedrons, or more of a round formation.

Clear Fluorite is more rare, but the true color of pure fluorite!

If banding is not present, you can identify Fluorite by its ”phosphorescence,” hardness, opacity, shape, and physical feel. “Phosphorescence” is a glowing that occurs after shining a UV light on the stone. While many fluorite crystals will glow under UV light, not every one does. Fluorite ranges from transparent to opaque, and they have a cubic crystal structure meaning that the crystal will usually be cube-shaped or have cubed nodules. Fluorite is glassy and may have a chalky look when not yet tumbled and polished.

UV Reactive Madagascar Green Fluorite

Fluorite gets its phosphorescence from trace minerals like yttrium, europium, and samarium. Fluorite is allochromatic, which means that the impurities of other elements can easily tint it. This crystal is naturally clear and transparent, but because of how easily it can be tinted my other minerals, it is uncommon to find these stones in their naturally clear form. 

Fluorite can often grow with quartz and even a few other kinds of crystals.

Musquiz Fluorite from Mexico

Fluorite Properties

Fluorite is said to have many healing abilities and can enhance energetic protection and balance your body’s energy and reduce stress, promote self-confidence, stimulate the intellect and help give you better judgment.  Fluorite is a harmonizing and grounding stone. 

Purple fluorite helps enhance the mind and decision making. It is also calming and helps you connect to your higher-self.  Yellow fluorite specifically helps you overcome feelings of shame.

Fluorite & White Chalcedony in Spirit Flower Geodes

More about Fluorite

Because of Fluorite’s ability to protect one’s energy, it is often placed around the house for feng shui. 

Fluorite is a soft stone that is a 4 on the Mohs hardness scale and is easily scratched by metal and glass.


Chakra: Third Eye

Fluorite Localities: The United States, China, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Namibia, Madagascar and more.



Mexico Fluorite Hearts

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