**Website Update, December 15!** - **Priority Mail Cut-Off is Dec. 18th - Delivery not guaranteed by Christmas, but I'll get it out ASAP on our end!**


You may hold your box from shipping for two weeks* incase you want to add items from the next sale.  You must still pay on time for your current claim.  If you want to add items BEFORE your deadline, please tell me BEFORE you checkout.  You may not add items once you are late. You must add 'HOLD BOX' to the cart notes'.

You will pay for current shipping on your first order.  It will only save shipping on your SECOND (and/or 3rd) order you place after the hold.

*You can hold your boxes for*
United States: Two Weeks
International: One Month

Your order will automatically ship once time is up (from the first hold), or if you place a second order and do not add the hold note again.

When placing your second order after a hold, please check your custom product's description to see if there is a FREE SHIPPING CODE in it (it will be below your item list).  If you do not have one, your shipping has already been adjusted.  You my NOT use a free shipping code if it is not included on your product.  Doing so will get you banned from shopping with me again.

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