**HUNDREDS of New Items in the Instagram Sale, Sat & Sun - May 21 & 22 on @contempogems**

Instagram Sale Rules

This is specifically the RULES of shopping our Instagram account.  If you want to more on the 'how' to shop, please visit this page.


Prices are in US dollar, and do not include shipping, estimates are available on this page. Please let me know before checkout time if you are located outside the US as your shipping has to be set differently on your custom listing.

- - - - -
***MUST pay ON TIME - That means BEFORE the deadline!!***
This payment deadline is ALWAYS announced ahead of time, and before and throughout the crystal sale as well.
If you are shopping the @contempogems catalog page between sales, those are ALWAYS due within 24 hours as well.

If you do not pay on time, you will receive a reminder... If you get this reminder, it is not a good thing.  I will send a final reminder and cancellation warning.  This is REALLY bad.  If you do not pay, or routinely pay late, I will block you from shopping.

- - -

- $10 minimum on all sales (before shipping). This is even if you are simply adding to and open box... the website cannot even allow a checkout under $10.

- Payment plans available on orders OVER $150.  Find the full rules here.

- No Holds, Put Backs, or Cancellations - If you do any of these, you will not be able to shop future sales.

- Do NOT haggle or ask for additional discounts.

No Measurements! I do not have the size or weight of items until they are posted for sale on this website, and I cannot provide them.  Sorry!

I cannot send running totals or photos/videos of your items.

- - - - -

For all sales, posts, etc.  All items are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
I suggest taking screenshots of your claims to keep track (posts, stories, live sales etc. so you have an idea of how much you currently owe and what items you have claimed. I do not have your total until I am ready to post the final listings.

Please keep in mind  : ) 
I'm just one girl behind this screen doing everything.  Please be conscious of my time and what is going on with other shoppers.  I do not allow requests for additional photos/videos or measurements.  

*Each sale may have slightly different rules, so be sure to check the rules posted on my Instagram right before! : )