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Labradorite Meaning

Colorful Flash Labradorite Freeform Crystals from Madagascar

If you are looking to learn more about the properties of, and labradorite meanings then read on! I'll also cover what labradorite typically looks like and a bit more on its history and localities.

What does Labradorite look like?

Labradorite is an opaque gray stone that can have iridescent “flashes” of color. These flashes of color can make the stone look blue, green, yellow, orange, red and many colors in between.  Pink and purple labradorite have become highly sought after colors lately! Labradorite is mainly found in large chunky masses and has a grainy plastic-like texture. Unpolished labradorite looks very different once it’s been polished although beautiful in its own way. The stone goes from a gray (some almost brown or black even) color with a rough texture to a colorful and shiny smooth stone.

Labradorite Meaning

This stone is referred to as the dreamers stone and it is said to help you connect with higher realms, the divine, and your inner wisdom. It is also thought to bring mental clarity and reduce stress and anxiety, making it a perfect stone to incorporate into your meditation routine.

More about Labradorite

Raw Gray Labradorite Crystal Chunks

Labradorite is also known as the Aurora Borealis gemstone and originates from Labrador, Canada, and the flashes of color that show when labradorite is polished and cut at the perfect angle is called “labradorescence”.  These flashes happen within the stone and are not actually part of the coloring of the stones. Instead, light travels through the various cracks and layers and, in return, reflects colorful flashes that can be seen on the surface.

Purple Pink Flash Labradorite Crystal Freeforms

You have probably also heard of ‘Spectrolite’ in reference to Labradorite as well.  For the most part, it is a reference to labradorite specifically found in Finland, and has become a ‘commercial’ name for it.  Although some believe it is interchangeable with labradorite that provides a full spectrum or ‘gem grade’ quality of labradorite.  

This stone rates a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it equal in strength with steel. Although labradorite is quite tough, it usually contains many fractures throughout its structure and should be worn with care if it’s in your jewelry.

Labradorite Crystal Heart Pocket Stones

Chakra: Third eye and Crown

Labradorite Localities: Canada, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia, and the USA, although the giant bulk that people are familiar with comes from Madagascar these days.

Birthstone: Labradorite is not a birthstone but sources show that it is connected to individuals born in February and March.



Labradorite Meaning

labradorite properties

properties of labradorite