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Lost or Delayed Packages

Once they are in the possession of USPS, UPS or any shipping company we use, we no longer have any control.  We pack every order with the utmost care and padding.

We ship all orders within 24-48 business hours typically.  If you have received a tracking e-mail (separate from the order confirmation), your package has likely been dropped off, or will be within 24 hours of that e-mail.  Please allow 1-3 days for the tracking to update in the system.

My item has not arrived....

All shipments include tracking numbers that are sent with your shipment confirmation e-mail.  Please note that I receive the SAME tracking information, nothing more, and they don't give me anyone to communicate with. Once the package has been dropped off with USPS or UPS, we have no control over them anymore, only the shipping company does.

Items CAN be delayed and take additional routes.  I've seen every crazy and weird shipping thing you can imagine, but they generally do show up thankfully! I know it sucks, but please be patient. 

If your shipment shows that it has been delivered, unfortunately there is nothing we can do.  Sometimes they will mark it delivered and it will not show up for another day or two (don't ask us why, we don't understand either).  You will want to visit your local post office to see if they can track it down (sometimes they deliver to the right address number but the wrong street).

If it never shows up, you will need to submit a claim directly to the USPS (99% of orders go through them) or UPS.  I wish I could refund for this, but I cannot control thieves, wrong addresses input into orders, USPS screw ups, or on a rare occasion, people have actually said they did not get their package, when they actually did : (  Please try to remember I am a small business and not Amazon.

You can submit your claim HERE.
or UPS, submit HERE.

You will need the 'from' address, aka my address.  Please e-mail me to receive this info.

Please also note that packages only have limited amounts of insurance.  You can find this on this page.  They will only reimburse for the designated amount.  If you want additional insurance you will need to let me know before.  I cannot refund for the additional amount you are out.


My package is late or did not arrive when expected...

Again, unfortunately once it has left our possession, it is USPS who is in control.  I can't make it go faster sadly, and I don't receive any additional info.  Sometimes they don't move the package like they are supposed to, and sometimes it takes an accidental longer route.  If your order is stuck in transit (they can do this for weeks at a time), you will need to submit a 'Find Missing Mail' request here or visit your local post office.

: ( I've had a customer with TWO orders delayed by a MONTH! I've seen them go across the country 3 times, and I've had my own personal ones make it to 10 states before arriving. I know it sucks!

USPS will typically not consider it 'lost' until 30 days.  But you can still try submitting a claim.


My package was marked delivered, but it isn't here...

Please check with your family or neighbors to see if they somehow grabbed it for you first of all.  If you have a community package/parcel locker, please double check that it the key just didn't make it into your mailbox.  Sometimes it says it is delivered, but it will come a day or two later.  I've seen it all, but again, I can't do anything.  

Most customers have the best luck by visiting their local post office with their tracking number and 99.99% of the time they find it this way.

You MAY pay to add a delivery signature or extra insurance, but that will be your responsibility.  Please let me know if you want these services added prior to checking out.