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Missing or Damaged Items or Orders

I didn't receive the ____ item from my order...

Please check your boxes carefully, as sometimes small items can hide in the paper shred. We try to make them obvious, but sometimes they wiggle down in transit.  I promise it is there!  On the extremely rare occasion it is not, see below.

I checked the box REALLY well, 3 times, and I didn't get ____.

I'm so so sorry! We keep all orders separate to avoid this, but we are human.  If you really are missing something, please respond to your order confirmation e-mail and let me know what is missing and include any applicable photos. Please do not DM on Instagram. 

This gives us all the information we need to see what happened and we will check our claim photos and packing videos before getting back to you.  You must contact me within 3 DAYS of the delivery date.


My item arrived damaged, what do I do?

While we do everything humanly possible to ship your item safely to you, the shipping companies (USPS, UPS, etc) have 100% control of your packages : (  Unfortunately once it leaves our possession, we cannot do anything, and is therefore up to the USPS (or other shipping company used).  If your item does arrive damaged, you will need to submit a claim with the USPS (or UPS) directly.  

They will REQUIRE the following photos for your claim.  Without these photos they will definitely not accept your claim.  You MUST also keep ALL packaging and items until the claim is fully over as they will likely make you visit a post office to show these items (it sucks, but that is their new policy).  Lately they have been rejecting any claims that do not get this.
- Multiple photos of the broken item(s)
- A photo of the shipping label on the box clearly showing the TO & FROM address.
- Multiple photos of the box, especially any noticeable damage (the more you can show this the better, as that is obviously their handling).
- Photos of all of the padding that was around the piece.
- Screenshots of your order details (you can access custom listings through your order confirmation).
- Return Address: This is MY shipping address in the top left of your shipping label.
- Shipment Dates: These will be found on your tracking e-mail.
*If you have any video of the box being mishandled by a carrier, keep that as well, or screenshots.

You can submit your claim HERE.

If your order was shipped through UPS, submit HERE.

Some pieces are super soft or fragile, like selenite, white aragonite, etc. and may 'shed' small pieces.  This is natural for crystals versus a crystal breaking in half or a significant piece falling off.  

If for any reason I allow a return of an item... you will be responsible for return shipping costs, and the item must arrive the the same condition.  I will also not refund the original shipping cost.  You must e-mail me about this within 3 days of the delivery date.