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Obsidian Properties & Info

If you are looking to learn more about the obsidian properties and meaning then read on! I'll also cover what obsidian typically looks like including its variations, and a bit more on its history and localities.

What does Black Obsidian look like?

Black Obsidian is an igneous rock/glass that forms when felsic lava (lower temp lava) cools rapidly, hardening without an internal crystalline structure. Obsidian is a 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. The most commonly found obsidian will be opaque (brown/gray  on its thin edges), jet black, brittle with a smooth surface area, sharp edges, and a glossy mirror-like surface. Obsidian can often be identified by its round fractures that resemble a ripple in the water. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian Pocket or Worry Stones

Depending on locality, obsidian can also be found in different transparencies, sheens, patterns, and hues of gray, green, tan, brown, and can rarely be found in blue, red, orange, and yellow. There is even a ‘rainbow obsidian’ that when polished correctly will show off an array of different color sheens. Iridescent or sheen obsidian occurs when gas bubbles are trapped between the lava’s layers during formation.

Obsidian that is more transparent has less silica, while opaque obsidian has more silica. Different colored obsidian is caused mainly by inclusions or trace elements.

Although specific geographical locations are known to have more of a particular obsidian type, all types of obsidian have been found worldwide. 

Obsidian Meaning

Black White Snowflake Obsidian Crystal Spheres

Black obsidian is most well known for its ability to remove the negative energy that may be within your aura (your energy/vibe/mood). Therefore, this gem can be used for root chakra grounding and healing. Obsidian is great at absorbing all things negative…energies, environmental, and technological garbage. It also said to help you unearth lies, and therefore helps you find the truth. It definitely is a protective crystal!

More about Black Obsidian

To use black obsidian in feng shui, place the stones in the place of your home that corresponds with the area in your life that needs protection. For example, your home’s entryway represents the people and energy you let in, while your kitchen represents nourishment. 

 Obsidian 'Apache Tears' are also a tumbled crystal that is specifically known to aid in grief and healing after a loss.

Raw Black Obsidian from Mexico

Chakras: Root Chakra

Obsidian Localities: Anywhere that volcanic activity occurs. Argentina, the US, Chile, Guatemala,  India, Iceland, Kenya, Italy, Australia,  New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Switzerland

Birthstone: Black obsidian is an alternative birthstone for December.



Black and Red Mahogany Obsidian - Due to Hematite

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