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Sale & Website Update Notifications

Never miss out on a Contempo Crystals Instagram sale again!!

I know Instagram doesn't aways make it easy to see when we are doing our sales, so I wanted to find an easier, and automatic way to keep you all updated and get alerts directly to your phone!  Once you have the calendar(s) on your phone, you will automatically receive/see the Contempo Crystals sale dates and times on your calendar app! You will receive an alert 15 minutes and 2 minutes before the sale gets started.

Below are 4 options for Google Calendars. I kept them separate so you can choose how often you get alerts, or for which kind of sales... aka if you don't like the Live Sales, you don't have to add that one!

To get the notifications, just choose 1 or all of the calendars below (you have to add them separately). 

1. Tap on the Calendar(s) you want to add.
2. Once you go to the link it will have a pop up, select 'Add'
3. On your phone, make sure your Calendar App 'syncs' up the events, and that you have the Calendar App notification settings turned on.

Contempo Crystals Regular Instagram Sales Contempo Crystals Online Crystal Shop New Arrivals 

You can also just add these to your Google Calendars and not have them sync on your phone.  It is entirely up to you and how you want to use these.  Just wanted to create an additional options.

I will only add events that actually happen, I won't spam you with extra things going on.  And with the 'Website Update' option, I will only setup a notification once there are at least 15+ new items added, it won't be EVERY time I just add 1-2 pieces.