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Wrong Address

I put the wrong address, can you change it??

No sorry! Payment providers like PayPal do NOT allow us to change the address, so please be sure to input it correctly.  We ship to the address that is input by YOU, and the label is created automatically by the system.  We have no way of knowing it is an incorrect address, whether that is the Apt # or an entirely different address.

Similarly, if you are moving, if you do not put anything in the order notes like 'please wait 5 days', or 'must arrive by __ date' on the cart page (no instagram messages), we WILL ship the item as we regularly do.  Again, it is all done by what is in the shop system. 

If your address is incorrect and you need to change it, you can TRY to have it changed using a USPS Intercept Package request.  There is a fee involved, and it is done directly through the postal service, I have nothing to do with this.

IF you catch this before the item ships, we will have to cancel the entire order and have you re-order again.  Since there are fees we incur for doing this, we will charge a fee of 3% of the order total, to re-do your order. (This is the fee we are charged to refund your order).  Please e-mail us immediately to do this. 


Who pays for shipping when item was returned to sender?

If your item is returned to me due to your error (wrong shipping address for example), you will have to cover the re-shipment.  If it was my error, I will of course take care of sending it again. 


- - -

Please know that if you are ever holding a box, make sure to put the correct address in ALL orders as I sometimes ship from the first order, and sometimes from the second.