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Large Morocco Quartz Geodes

Large Morocco Quartz Geodes

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Large Morocco Quartz geodes! These pieces are amazing! All but one of these has a matching pair.  The feature a striking white quartz center and a light tan outer matrix rock. They have tons of sparkle, some being more chunky and some being more of a druzy formation. These morocco geodes work PERFECTLY with just about any home decor theme, especially boho, desert vibes, beachy, even modern.  These are a great way to add a statement crystal without absolutely breaking the bank.


Pairs are showing measurements and weights for the pieces TOGETHER, not separate sides.
A (one side): 7" x 7" x 7", 4775 grams (over 10 lbs)
B: 10" x 8" x 6", 5580 grams, (over 12 lbs)
C: 8" x 7.25" x 6.5", 5755 grams (almost 13 lbs)
D: 9" x 7" x 6.5", 4890 grams (almost 11 lbs)
E: 8.75" x 6" x 6", 4985 grams (almost 11 lbs)
F: 8" x 7" x 7", 4620 grams (over 10 lbs)
G: 9" x 7" x 6", 5300 grams (almost 12 lbs)
H: 9" x 8.25" x 5", 5305 grams (almost 12 lbs)

You will receive the exact Morocco Quartz Geode you select from the dropdown menu!


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Large Morocco Quartz Geodes - Great Statement Pieces!

Large Moroccan Quartz Geode

Druzy Morocco Quartz Geode Crystal