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Unique Amethyst Clusters

Unique Amethyst Clusters

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STUNNING high quality amethyst from Brazil with some amazing features on each!!  The first on deck is an absolutely incredible giant stalactite cluster with small hints of white dogtooth calcite and rutile inside.  This piece was in the center of a geode so it is completely double sided.  It has the most amazing quality and clarity.  Now this piece can technically stand on its own due to the cut base, but it is not very stable, so it will come with a little clear plastic stand, but you might be able to use earthquake putty too.

Up next has some orange calcite that does have sugar druzy under the right lighting.  It also has some awesome stalactites on it that are almost potato chip thin, so cool!  

Then we have the pink hued hematite included piece that is covered with double terminated points!

The last of the big ones are a vibrant chunky purple amethyst paired with an equally chunky white calcite piece that also has amethyst grown into it as well as sparkles under the right light.  Also has cacoxenite. This piece can sit a few ways.

Lastly the little one with red hematite dots in the top!

Check you the video to see how each one sits and all of the little amazing details!

Locality: Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

You will receive the exact amethyst cluster you choose.  When you change the dropdown menu selection, the photo will update to the item that it is assigned to.


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