Adding Items To Open Orders


If you have an open order (that hasn't been marked shipped - check your e-mail), please let me know you'd like to ADD items to your order in lieu of checking out a second time.  It causes me quite a bit of confusion when there are multiple orders for one person, as well as I am not sure when people want to combine boxes or if they kept them separate on purpose.  I usually will ship them together automatically if this happens, but may not be able to refund the full shipping cost on the second order (due to increased package size and/or fees that I do not get back).

This will also allow the Route protection to cover all items.  If you place two separate orders, you would have to protect BOTH separately to cover all of your items, otherwise it only protects the one order. 


To add items:

- Simply e-mail back to the original order confirmation e-mail that you received from your first order.  Please do not message on Instagram.

- List out the items you want to add and include the item links.  If there is a 'variation' like "A" or "Back Left", please note that too.

- You can also create an 'abandoned cart' by going all the way through checkout without adding the final payment information, and I should be able to see that. You will still need to send me an e-mail letting me know that you want to add everything in your abandoned cart.  But please now that I cannot always see these due to computer or device settings you may have.


Once I have that information, I will add them to your order.  The system will e-mail you an invoice just for the additional items. That way you don't have to pay additional shipping fees.  Once you pay the invoice, you are all set! These need to be paid within 2 hours or they will be cancelled.

Thank you!!!