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Questions or issues with a recent order?  Please respond directly to your order confirmation e-mail with details and any photos (if needed) so I can help you quickly!  If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail for an order, see the FAQ page for the answers.

If you have tried to contact me, please check your spam folder in e-mail as sometimes my responses go there.

This is the ONLY Contempo Crystals shop. I DO NOT USE any other sites.

Looking for crystal suggestions? Please take a look at my menu where I break down crystals for specific intentions and uses, zodiacs, and more. I cannot provide personal recommendations.

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  ** Common Questions & Requests **

Please read my FAQ page before messaging!

You will be able to find the answers to any of your questions on my FAQ & Policy page. Be sure to check there before asking.  99.9% of questions are already answered - even ones you might not think!

Please be respectful of my policies and how I have set things up on this site.  They are in place for very specific reasons, whether they seem like they make sense or not.  I am one person.



cannot send any weights, measurements, photos, videos or additional information of items that is not already posted on the site. Items are stored away until they sell.

I am not able to do custom sourcing, take special requests, or customized products.  All of my available items are already on this website.

I cannot tell you the value of a crystal you have, or help identify them. Nor do I purchase collections or do consignment.

Items marked as 'random selection' or 'intuitive pick' are just that, you cannot select them, please don't ask or request. I do not make exceptions to this even.

Please keep in mind I'm just one person.  : )
Please respect my posted policies.

Thank you so much!!


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If you are asking about ordering outside of US please visit the international orders page.

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 **NO SOLICITION for products or services!! - I will NOT respond.**

Please check your spam folders for my response as well. This is an e-mail form, it is not a live chat. I will get back to you ASAP, but please remember I'm just one person.

**Again, please, please check my FAQ page before sending a message.** 

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