Collection: New Additions to the Crystal Shop!

The newest additions to the crystal shop!  Check back often to see which new crystals, minerals, rocks, jewelry and more have arrived.  There will always be a mix of one-of-a-kind crystals, small add-on items like tumbled stones, display stands, bracelets and jewelry, etc.  Everything new will show up here first!
Newest Crystals & Products

We are constantly trying to add a wide variety of crystals to this shop! Everything from small tumbled stones and worry stones that make for inexpensive travel crystals or order add ons, to large crystal statement pieces! There are at least a handful of new crystal additions to the shop every month, sometimes we add a ton! Keep checking this section to see if there’s anything new that might be missing from your collection!

Here you will find the latest additions to our online crystal shop including raw crystal clusters, polished and carved crystals of all sizes, shapes and stones, new crystal jewelry and accessories, and much more! We love to find new crystals and minerals that fit everyone's wants and needs!


The Newest Crystals and Products in the Contempo Shop

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