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The Crystal Sleeping Eye Masks featuring a satin sleep mask with 8 small crystal chips sewn onto a 'diamond patch'. These crystal sleep masks make a unique crystal gift, or perfect for yourself if you struggle with sleep.  The chosen crystals were chosen specifically for their healing energies to help you have a restful sleep and great dreams! Read more about our crystal sleep masks at the bottom of the page!

Crystal Sleep Masks

These truly unique Crystal Healing Sleeping masks are the first of their kind! Many crystal masks on the market are meant to simply help with relaxation, or inflammation, but these sleep masks are meant to help you not only sleep better, but dream better!

Each satin mask has an adorable black and white diamond shaped patch snapped onto it. This allows you to be able to clean the mask without damaging the crystal patch. Hand-sewn onto the patch are 8 natural crystal chips that were individually selected due to their healing properties or meanings. You can see these details in the mask's product description. The stones are howlite, jade, rose quartz, hematite, labradorite, clear quartz, amethyst, and moonstone. Perfect for achieving a better quality and more restful sleep.

The crystal sleeping masks are currently available in gray, black, pink, or blue. All masks have a black band and piping around the edge. There is no slot for any inserts.

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