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Clear and white crystals offer great guidance and support in finding our true purpose in life. They can also provide a great deal of soothing, healing, clarity and emotional balance. Read more about white and clear crystals at the bottom of the page!

Clear and White Stones and Crystals
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White and clear crystals are known as the ultimate healers that will help you open up and become more receptive to the world. While using these stones, soothing will wash over you because of their connection to the feminine energy. You can also use these stones for purifying your mind and soul which will bring you clarity and awareness. With this you will be able to bring more light, acceptance and emotional balance into your love life.

Due to their connection to the Crown Chakra, these crystals are also good for those who seek to uncover their true purpose. Thus, you can expect to receive the necessary guidance and wisdom along with universal bliss. Clear white crystals are also an awesome way to connect to your higher self. So, if you’re ready to transform your life and start walking down your destined path then these crystals are the perfect match for you!

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White and clear crystals can be worn as jewelry pieces which will give you a gentle elegant look and lots of healing. They can also be carried around in the form of tumbled stones to bring some lightness into your plain routine. You can even utilize them in meditation and Crown Chakra cleansing if you’re needing some clarity on the path you’re supposed to be taking. Another great way to use them is by placing them around your home for purifying and soothing your energy!

Some of the most common clear crystals and white crystals are quartz, howlite, apophyllite, selenite, moonstone and more.

White Crystals

Crystals appear white when they reflect all visible light wavelengths, making them appear colorless or translucent. This occurs due to the crystal's internal structure and the arrangement of its atoms or molecules, which scatter and refract light in a way that results in a lack of color. In some cases, white stone crystals may also contain tiny internal or surface imperfections or inclusions that contribute to their milky or opaque appearance. While many minerals and crystals can be found in various colors, those that appear white often exhibit this characteristic due to their internal composition and how they interact with light.

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White crystals possess a pristine and pure energy, symbolizing clarity, purity, and spiritual awakening. Their luminous hue reflects light, bringing a sense of illumination and divine guidance. White crystals are often associated with the Crown Chakra, the energetic center connected to higher consciousness and spiritual connection. They facilitate spiritual growth, inner wisdom, and transcendence. White stone crystals, such as milky quartz, selenite, and white calcite, are known for their cleansing and purifying properties, both on an energetic and physical level.

They have the ability to clear stagnant energies, uplift the spirit, and bring a sense of peace and harmony. A white stone crystal also support mental clarity, aiding in focus, concentration, and decision-making. They invite a sense of renewal and transformation, helping individuals let go of negativity and embrace new beginnings. By working with white crystals, one can enhance their spiritual practice, deepen their connection to higher realms, and cultivate a state of inner purity and enlightenment.

White Crystals Names

Popular white crystals: milky or snow quartz, moonstone, howlite crystal, scolecite, calcite, selenite, onyx, apophyllite, okenite and clevelandite.

Clear Crystals

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Crystals appear clear when they have a highly ordered and regular internal structure that allows light to pass through without significant scattering or absorption. In clear crystals, such as clear quartz, the arrangement of atoms or molecules is uniform and symmetrical, creating a lattice structure that does not disrupt the passage of light. Additionally, the absence of impurities or color-causing elements in the crystal's composition contributes to its clarity. When light enters a clear stone, it moves through the crystal material in a straight line, without being absorbed or scattered, resulting in a transparent and colorless appearance. Clear crystals are highly prized for their optical properties, as they can exhibit remarkable transparency and brilliance.


Clear crystals, also known as transparent or colorless crystals, hold a unique and versatile energy that encompasses clarity, amplification, and universal connection. Their transparent nature allows them to absorb and radiate light, symbolizing the clarity of thoughts, intentions, and spiritual insights. Clear crystals, like clear quartz, are often referred to as "master healers" due to their ability to amplify and direct energy. They enhance the properties of other crystals and can be programmed with specific intentions. Clear stones are closely associated with the Crown Chakra, facilitating spiritual growth, higher awareness, and divine connection. They assist in meditation, promoting mental clarity, focus, and the ability to access higher realms of consciousness.


Clear crystals also have purifying properties, dispelling negative energies and promoting balance and harmony. They are versatile tools for manifestation, intention setting, and energy healing. By working with clear crystals, individuals can gain clarity of mind, deepen their spiritual practice, and harness the powerful energy of these transparent gems to create positive change in their lives.

Types of Clear Crystals

Popular clear crystals: clear quartz, herkimer diamonds (quartz), optical calite, topaz, goshenite, fluorite (when pure), apophyllite, and white sapphire.

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Translucent Crystals

And then we have crystals that are somewhere in the middle. White and clear crystals that exhibit translucency are known for their ethereal beauty and gentle energy. These translucent crystals, such as clear quartz and selenite, possess a remarkable quality that allows diffused light to pass through them, creating a soft and serene glow. This translucency imparts a sense of purity and clarity to these gems, making them popular choices for meditation and energy work. Clear quartz, often referred to as the "master healer," is particularly prized for its ability to amplify and purify energies. Similarly, selenite is renowned for its soothing and cleansing properties, making it an excellent tool for spiritual practices. The translucency of these crystals adds an extra dimension to their allure, inviting us to explore their inner luminosity and tap into their transformative energies.

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