Collection: Crystal Gift Sets

Looking for the perfect crystal gift for your mineral and rock loving friends and family?  Or want to introduce crystal beginners to the wonderful world of gems and minerals.  We also have the adorable Crystal Gift Sets in a classic chocolate box look.  Finally, we also have small crystal gift sets in bags, and a few other small gift ideas for crystal lovers. Read more about our crystal box options at the bottom of the page!

Crystal Gift Boxes
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We tried to put a cute and modern spin on crystal gift giving with our crystal gift sets so they can be given to crystal lovers or crystal newbies! You don't have to believe in crystal healing or metaphysical properties to enjoy these awesome crystal sets, because they are just plain cute! After all, what is better than a box of crystals?!?

There are a few crystal gift set styles in the shop! Our original crystal box sets started with the teal & brown gift boxes and we are constantly adding and changing these up to get you more crystal gift ideas. From a modern mix of goodies that any sparkle and modern decor lover will enjoy with crystal keychains, crystal wine stopper, gemstone bracelets, crystal magnets and more! To our smaller sets like the raw crystals for beginners or a touch of crystals for people who are just getting into the healing crystals journey.

I'm also excited to introduce our newer crystal box sets that cater to crystal enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our Selenite Tower and Raw Crystals Box is a captivating combination, featuring the pure energy of selenite in the form of a stunning tower alongside an array of raw crystals. This set is perfect for those seeking to cleanse and charge their crystal collection while adding the beauty of selenite to their space.

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If you're looking for a heartfelt gift, our Crystal Heart Gift Sets are designed to inspire love and positivity. These sets include a beautifully crafted crystal heart stones to enhance the energy of love, compassion, and emotional healing.

For the young and young at heart, our Dinosaur Crystal Gift Box brings together the fascination of dinosaurs and the magic of crystals. Inside, you'll find a variety of soapstone dinos, rainbow ammonite fossils, and more. These sets are not only a delightful surprise for children but also a unique and playful addition to any crystal collection.

Whether you're drawn to the serenity of selenite, the power of love, or the playful charm of dinosaurs, our crystal box sets offer a delightful and meaningful experience for crystal enthusiasts of all ages.

Crystal Chocolate Box

crystal chocolate box

Our Crystal Chocolate Box sets are a delightful and thoughtful way to explore the world of crystals. These charming sets are designed in a classic chocolate box format, making them not only a treat for the soul but also a feast for the eyes. They offer a perfect combination of both polished and raw crystals, providing a well-rounded crystal experience. Whether you're seeking self-love, crystals for prosperity & abundance, or protection, or the crystal essentials (aka the ones everyone can start with), these themed sets cater to various intentions and needs. Each crystal has been carefully selected to align with the specific healing properties associated with the theme, allowing you to dive into the world of crystal energy with ease.

We're continuously working to expand our collection to offer even more options for crystal enthusiasts, so keep an eye out for new additions that resonate with your intentions and desires. These Crystal Chocolate Box sets are a sweet gift to yourself or a loved one, bringing the magic and power of crystals into your life in a delightful and enchanting way.


Small Crystal Gift Sets

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And lastly, in our crystal gift set lineup, we've also added some simple drawstring bag crystal sets, including our crystals for beginners tumbles set! This beginner crystal set is available in two size options and will pair perfectly with any crystal book for those who just want to learn about crystal healing. It’s a wonderful gift that will really help fuel the passion of someone who is new to the world of crystals! These sets come with a diverse selection of tumbled stones carefully chosen to introduce individuals to the beauty and energy of different crystals.  Or if you are like me, and don't have a crystal shop near me, its any easy way to grab a crystal gift to give to someone.

But that's not all; we've expanded our collection to include a variety of themed sets that cater to specific intentions. For those who are drawn to the magic of the night sky, our celestial-themed sets feature crystal stars and moons, each carrying its unique energetic qualities. If you're looking for a more rounded approach to crystal healing, our sphere sets offer a harmonious blend of energies in one elegant package. Whether you're shopping for yourself or sending some crystal love to a friend from afar, our satin drawstring bag sets are a thoughtful and accessible way to bring the enchanting world of crystals into your life.

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Crystal Gift Sets - Including Crystal Chocolate Boxes!

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