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Selenite Tower & Raw Crystals Gift Set

Selenite Tower & Raw Crystals Gift Set

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This simple yet elegant crystal gift set is perfect for introducing someone to the enchanting world of crystals or for delighting a seasoned crystal enthusiast. At the heart of this set is a small Selenite Tower, standing at approximately 2.5 inches tall. Selenite is a fantastic crystal to include as it embodies purity, clarity, and spiritual connection. Its gentle energy creates a serene ambiance and helps to cleanse and purify both crystals and spaces.

Complementing the Selenite Tower are the raw crystal essentials, making this gift set truly special. Raw crystals possess their natural and unaltered beauty, and their energies are in their purest form. They are wonderful companions for meditation, healing work, and enhancing the energy of any space.

With this gift set, you're not just providing a beautiful crystal centerpiece but also a selection of versatile and essential crystals that can be used in various ways. Each raw crystal in the set offers unique properties and benefits, ensuring that the recipient can explore and experiment with their energies.

Whether it's for a friend's introduction to crystals or a thoughtful gesture for a crystal lover, this crystal gift set offers both elegance and versatility. It's a meaningful way to share the magic of crystals and their potential to enhance well-being, spiritual growth, and positive energy in one's life.


Selenite Tower

- Purple Amethyst Chunk

- Pink Rose Quartz Chunk

- White/Clear Quartz Chunk

- Green Aventurine Chunk

- Orange Calcite Chunk

- Blue Sodalite Chunk

- White & Gray Howlite Chunk

- Mini Palo Santo Wood Stick

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One of our smaller crystal gift sets. Comes with a teal and chocolate colored gift box and a white twine bow. The box will come with a little guide on the back if you plan on giving it as a gift for crystal lovers.

**Please keep in mind each crystal is one of a kind and will vary slightly in size, shape, color. I will try to keep as close to the original as humanly possible!


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Learn about crystal properties on the 'Crystal Quick Facts' page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Selenite Tower & Raw Crystals Gift Set

Selenite Crystal Gift Set

Selenite Tower Gift Set