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How do you display crystals? Looking for a crystal display stand for spheres, agate slices, or a specimen you want to display on its side?  There are tons of cool and unique ways to do a crystal display pieces our crystal holder options! From classic metal stands to funky flower options, we've got you covered! Read more about crystal display options at the bottom of the page!



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Crystal display stands are your canvas for creativity, allowing you to exhibit your prized crystal collection in a way that's visually captivating and energetically powerful. By using these stands, you can transform your crystals into artful arrangements that not only beautify your space but also amplify the energies they radiate. Experiment with various stand styles, such as sphere stands, stands for crystal slices, or stands for raw crystals, to create different effects. Tiered stands can showcase a variety of crystals, while single stands draw attention to specific gems. With a touch of creativity and a sense of intention, crystal display stands become a conduit for expressing your unique connection with these precious stones, turning your collection into a source of inspiration and positive energy.

Stands for Crystals

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This section is FULL of crystal display stands and crystal cases, and we are always trying to add new display stand styles for you. Whether you need a stand for crystal spheres, a case to showcase small thumbnail crystals, or a crystal stand for those crystal slices or specimens that just won't stand on their own, this is where you'll want to look!

For crystal spheres, we have a nice variety of ball stands from the most simple and basic clear plastic ring stands, all the way to decorative metal sphere stands. All crystal spheres and eggs NEED a stand (you know so they don't roll haha), but you can choose which one suits your home decor needs. We have classic claw foot looking stands, modern twist metal stands, simple metal rings and so much more.

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Then we have a few different crystal display stand options for crystal slices, raw mineral specimens, and other unique crystals that need a stand to display correctly. We have a line of matte black metal stands for spheres, slices, slabs and other crystal specimens. We also have a line of metal display stands that mix silver and gold metals with clear acrylic for a modern crystal display look.

Crystal Display

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Need a display stand or case for your smaller crystal pieces? Don't worry, there is a stand for that! Haha. We offer clear acrylic squares that work perfectly with small crystal specimens that won't sit properly. Just use a little bit of earthquake putty to attach to the acrylic squares. We also have small plastic 'perky boxes' that you can place these small specimens in. (keep in mind the separate acrylic squares will not fit, but there are specific ones for the boxes that come as a set)

Finally, we also have the versatile plastic stretch crystal display cases that allow you to display small crystals like puffy heart stones (things with round edges). These mineral stands have a clear flexible center and a hard black plastic edge that allows them to stand on their own, or some also have a foot so they can be at a diagonal.

We hope you can find the crystal display stand that fits your needs because we are always adding new stands for crystals to this page! So keep an eye on this page if you’re looking for the perfect way to display your new crystals!


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