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Crystals by Zodiac

If you’re looking for crystals that will match your energy perfectly based on your zodiac sign, then check out these special crystal collections. You can read more about how crystals work for zodiac signs along with some of our top recommendations at the bottom of this page plus more about zodiac crystals when you tap into each collection!


zodiac crystalsEach zodiac sign has a set of crystals that match their energy the best. You can get crystals like Carnelian for Aries, Rose Quartz for Taurus, Tiger Eye for Leo and many others. You don’t have to limit yourself by only working with crystals for your sun sign though. You can get crystals for you moon and rising sign as well because some traits tend to be affected by these aspects.

These gemstones work with certain signs by restoring their inborn traits like being hard-working, compassionate or generous. On the other hand, they can also focus on the characteristics of the zodiac signs that are seen as less desirable or negative like laziness, compulsiveness, fear and jealousy.

There are various ways in which these crystals function. They can work directly with your energy and inhibit or stimulate certain features like for example boosting your communication skills if you’re prone to being more closed off. Another way these crystals can work is by impacting other factors that will result in the desired outcome. For example, crystals for stimulating hard work can work by providing a clear mind free from any unnecessary chatter.

zodiac gemstonesPicking out the crystals is not as complicated as it might seem. Since there are crystals with different benefits for each zodiac sign you might not know where to begin. You just have to be aware of the traits and benefits you want to reestablish or decrease so that you can pick your crystals accordingly. There is no right or wrong answer-you just have to go for the crystals that you feel drawn to the most!

We even recommend combining multiple crystals that are featured within the particular collections. The reason why this works so well is because specific stones carry specific energies and they will help you achieve being well rounded in many if not all areas of life depending on which ones you choose. Just pick out the ones that correspond with your desires the most and watch them do their magic. Money, loving relationships, confidence-you can truly have it all just by keeping these crystals close-by!


You can tap on each sign to learn more specifically about them and the crystals that are associated with them!

zodiac signs gemstonesFor Aries crystals, the fiery and passionate sign, carnelian is a popular choice. It is believed to bring courage, confidence, and vitality to Aries individuals. Taurus crystals, the earthy and grounded sign, is often associated with the soothing and calming energy of rose quartz. This crystal is said to help Taurus individuals open their hearts and find inner peace.

Gemini crystals, the curious and adaptable sign, can benefit from the energetic and versatile energy of citrine. This crystal is believed to bring abundance and positivity into the lives of Gemini individuals. For crystals for cancer, the nurturing and sensitive sign, moonstone is a popular choice. It is believed to bring emotional balance and help with intuition and empathy.

Leo crystals, the bold and confident sign, can benefit from the empowering and energizing energy of sunstone. This crystal is believed to help Leo individuals tap into their natural leadership qualities and bring success into their lives. For Virgo crystals, the detail-oriented and analytical sign, the grounding and stabilizing energy of black tourmaline is often recommended.

crystals for zodiac signsLibra crystals, the harmonious and balanced sign, can benefit from the calming and harmonizing energy of lapis lazuli. This crystal is believed to help with communication, self-expression, and relationships. For Scorpio crystals, the intense and passionate sign, the protective and transformative energy of obsidian is often recommended.

Sagittarius crystals, the adventurous and optimistic sign, can benefit from the uplifting and inspiring energy of amethyst. This crystal is believed to help with spiritual growth, intuition, and wisdom. For Capricorn crystals, the ambitious and determined sign, the grounding and motivating energy of garnet is often recommended.

Aquarius crystals, the unconventional and independent sign, can benefit from the unique and inspiring energy of fluorite. This crystal is believed to help with mental clarity, creativity, and inspiration. For Pisces crystals, the imaginative and intuitive sign, the calming and healing energy of aquamarine is often recommended. It is believed to bring emotional balance and help with creativity and self-expression.

While these are just a few examples, there are countless crystals that can benefit each zodiac sign. It's important to remember that everyone is unique and may resonate with different crystals, so it's always a good idea to experiment and see what works best for you. You can also shop crystals by the elements or signs like air signs, earth signs, water signs, and fire signs.
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