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Crystals by Color

We offer a variety of high-quality crystals separated by color, so feel free to check out these collections. You can also learn more about the importance of choosing a crystal by color and chakra at the bottom of the page!

Crystal by Color

Picking out the right color is very important in the world of crystals. That’s because specific colors are connected to certain chakra centers in the human body. Starting from the bottom, the colors that correspond to specific chakras are: red with the Root Chakra, orange for the Sacral Chakra, yellow connects to the Solar Plexus, green is the Heart Chakra color, blue refers to the Throat Chakra, purple is for the Third Eye Chakra while white corresponds to the Crown Chakra. The proper colored crystal will support that chakra’s cleansing and rebalancing. To achieve this, it’s best to keep your crystals near-by in the form of pocket stones or gemstone jewelry. For quicker results you can meditate with the crystal placed on the chakra of interest. Visualizing the chakra being cleansed and replenished will make the process more effective!

Not only do the colors correspond to different chakras, but they also provide color therapy. This is a form of therapy based on the energies that each color carries. For instance, the brown shade is associated with bringing some much-needed grounding, blue brings more clarity, yellow stimulates joy and red boosts energy levels. The best way to use color therapy is by picking out crystal décor for your space which will bring about your desired benefits. You can also just carry the gemstone’s energy you need for the day and let it do its magic!

Pairing different colored crystals can also be especially beneficial. You can go for any combination you’d like, but here’s a brief guide to the most common ones. A nice way to bring in more love into your life is by combining green and pink crystals. If you’re looking for more clarity and purpose then it’s best to opt for blue and purple colored crystals. For a creative boost in your life you should try out orange and blue colored crystals. Lastly, black and red crystals are the perfect pair for those that are looking for the ultimate protection against negativity.

Shop Crystal by Color or Chakra Association

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