FAQ's & Policies

Please make sure to read our full policies before shopping.  Contempo Crystals is not responsible for the loss or damage of items/packages.  Once they are in the possession of USPS, UPS or any shipping company we use, we no longer have any control or responsibility.  If you want insurance or signature confirmation on your packages, see below.

Please be kind, and remember I am just one person.


We do NOT allow any refunds, returns or exchanges, all sales are final.  Items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.  Crystals are formed by nature and have natural cracks, crevices, colorations etc.  Some are incredibly soft and may have slight shedding during shipments unfortunately.

If your item arrives with significant damaged, please see below.  If for ANY reason we grant an exception, your refund will not include shipping cost (both original and return costs).  If there are issues with your order, you must EMAIL (not in Instagram) me within 3 days of the DELIVERY DATE, by responding to your order confirmation e-mail. Packages marked Delivered will not be refunded unless you have added Route package protection.

I only have ONE website (this one) I am not associated with any site pretending to be an outlet or 'Contempo Crystals' I do not use any other domains or extentions like .shop or .co and more. They are scammers.


Do you offer payment plans?

YES! Payment plans are available ONLY through the app Partial.ly.  I cannot split payments between two cards and I do not have any other 'split' options.  Please don't place two orders in a row in order to split. I will not refund for the shipping charges.

The Partial.ly payment plan option is available on orders over $150 (before shipping or fees) and will automatically appear as a payment option.  Please see the Payment Plan page for the full rules and terms of service.  It is your responsibility to read the terms of service regarding the plans.

Using it is a legally binding contract, so please make sure you read ALL of the rules and 'how-to' before using.

Discounted shipping is also not available if you use Partial.ly.

Do you have any discount codes or sales?

I do not have discount codes, nor do I offer 'bulk discounts' or haggling, please do not ask for a discount (see next question too).  Any discount sales are VERY rare, but will be announced in an e-mail to everyone. I do not have codes available outside of that.  If we have a sale, it will very obviously be shared at that time. The only regularly available discounts are in the clearance section of the website.

I also do not offer wholesale pricing.

What is the 'best' price for ____ piece?

The price listed IS the best price for the piece, please do not ask for any additional discount or try to haggle with me. My prices are not open for negotiation, so please don't take the 'it doesn't hurt to ask' route.

I always try to keep my prices as reasonable and as low as I possibly can. In fact it may already be lower than I'm really comfortable with. The prices are all set for very specific reasons be that rarity, quality, locality, unique features or mineral combinations, my cost, etc. This has all been taken into consideration already.

Please remember I am a small business, I can only do so much. Am I going to be able to offer the lowest prices out there? Maybe not. I am by no means perfect, but I have priced them as low as I possibly can, so please try to understand.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk discounts?

No sorry, I do not offer wholesale, and have zero plans on doing so. There are also no bulk discounts (unless it is already in a bundle). All prices are exactly what is listed on the website.

Can you put a custom order together for me?

I'm sorry but no. 100% of my available items are already listed on this website. You can feel free to purchase whatever you'd like from the website, and I hope you will!

I also cannot offer personal shopping or special orders of things. All items I source are offered on the website on a first come first serve basis.

The only orders I pick 'custom' and. I put together, are mystery boxes, but those are with NO requests or selections allowed. : )

Do you offer custom jewelry or anything special order?

Sorry, but no I do not. I cannot custom make or purchase any items. As some of the other questions on this page have mentioned, ALL of my available items are already on this website, I do not offer anything by e-mail or social media.

Can you give me measurements, photos, etc.?

I cannot provide any additional information that is not already provided on product listings. Please again keep in mind I am just one person over here. This includes weights, measurements, additional photos, videos, comparison videos, or allowing you to 'choose' on random/intuitive pick items.

Can I add to an order I already placed?

You can! As long as your order hasn't shipped or been packaged, I CAN add to it. You will need to send me the link to the item(s), the specific variant you want, and the quantity (if multiple). You cannot send your cart unfortunately, it will just show blank to me.

The system will send you an invoice for the product additions. Please note there MAY be a need for increased shipping, but I will only charge the difference if that is the case.

Random Selection/Intuitive Pick Pieces - can I request?

I'm sorry, but as all of these products state, you may not send any requests for specific pieces, color preference, shape, style or any other similar request. The products show are just examples and likely no longer even in the stock inventory.

I am not able to send any additional photos, make a special listing, and cannot allow anyone to pick specific pieces.

Can I pay extra to pick a 'random selection' item?

Sorry, but no. This is not just a matter of price. I do not allow anyone to pick or make 'requests' on random selection items. They are posted for sale like they are for a reason.

As with many things on this FAQ, I do things a certain way due to the fact that I am just one person.

Please do not ask. I will not make exceptions on this. Please respect my policies.

Do you have ____? Or can you get ___?

ALL of my available stock is already on the website and currently listed. I do not have anything available behind the scenes that can be requested. Even if I have items scheduled for a future update, I cannot tell you when they will be available, or what I have for the future.

I am not able to do special purchases or personal sourcing.

Sorry. Again, please remember I am one person. I have to keep things manageable for myself.

When will ____ item be re-stocked?

If the item CAN be re-stocked, there will be a 'E-mail Me When Available' button below the sold out note. That does not guarantee I will for sure be able to get the items again, but does increase the chances.

One of a kind items cannot be re-stocked. I MAY find something similar in the future, but I have no clue if or when. I cannot make any notifications or send any personal messages for this. Please remember I'm just one person.

Does my item come with a _____? (stand, extra, etc.)

Your item will come with whatever is specifically noted on the product listing. Stands or cases are NOT included unless clearly stated with the piece. There are tons of stand options available on the website for purchase though if you'd like.

The only exception is spheres and eggs above $10 will come with a free plastic stand.

I placed and order and have a pending charge, but didn't get order confirmation, what is happening?

One of two things is happening. The most likely is that you did not actually complete the order yet. These are considered 'abandonded carts', and my system will eventually send you a 'reminder' e-mail about the items. Depending on your browser, if you go to your cart on this site, and the items are still there, you did not complete the checkout. If you never try again the 'pending charge' will eventually just fall off your statement because I haven't actually charged anything.

I cannot refund you (because I did not receive any money) nor can I make this pending charge go away any faster as I have zero access to the funds or your account. This is 100% on your bank/cards side of things.

Many times this is due to incorrect billing information (especially zip code - check that your shipping and billing address for the card if they do not match), card expiration or CVV input incorrectly, or sometimes insufficient funds on the card. Please double check all of these things.

- - -

The second option is that you entered the wrong e-mail address. Please check your spam folders as my e-mails can sometimes go into that. If you check all of your e-mail addresses (including spam), AND your cart is empty (because you DID order, just wrong e-mail), please send me a message through my contact form with the name and city/state your order is likely under.

I didn't get an order confirmation, tracking e-mail, etc.?

My system automatically sends the order confirmation e-mail to whatever e-mail address you input into the order. Please check your spam folder, trash folder, and 'prmotions' folder if you have g-mail.

Once your order ships, you will receive a SECOND e-mail with the tracking information.

You will receive additional e-mails once your order is out for delivery, and delivered.

If you check everywhere, and still do not have any of these e-mails, there are two things that happened. You didn't complete the order (see the question above), or you entered the wrong e-mail. - There is a small change my system glitched on sending one of the e-mails, but it has only happened once or twice in the past few years.

Please contact me with your correct e-mail address and I can see if it matches what you entered into the system.

Can you hold an item for me?

Sorry, all items are first come first serve. I cannot hold items without payment.

I know you can't hold items, but can you hold my box open?

You may hold your box from shipping for two weeks* incase you want to add items from the next sale.  You must still pay on time for your current claim.  If you want to add items BEFORE your deadline, please tell me BEFORE you checkout.  You may not add items once you are late. You must add 'HOLD BOX' to the cart notes'.

You will pay for current shipping on your first order.  It will only save shipping on your SECOND (and/or 3rd) order you place after the hold.

*You can hold your boxes for*
United States: Two Weeks
International: One Month

Your order will automatically ship once time is up (from the first hold), or if you place a second order and do not add the hold note again.

When placing your second order after a hold, please check your custom product's description to see if there is a FREE SHIPPING CODE in it (it will be below your item list).  If you do not have one, your shipping has already been adjusted.  You my NOT use a free shipping code if it is not included on your product.  Doing so will get you banned from shopping with me again.

When placing your second order after a hold, please check your custom product's description to see if there is a FREE SHIPPING CODE in it (it will be below your item list).  If you do not have one, your shipping has already been adjusted.  You my NOT use a free shipping code if it is not included on your product.  Doing so will get you banned from shopping with me again.


$11 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders $200 More Qualification
You cannot combine two order totals to reach $200.

If you reach $200 on FIRST order(and type the hold note). You will automatically receive the discounted shipping at checkout.  If you place a second order... you will either receive a free shipping code in a 'custom listing' if purchasing from Instagram, OR I will refund you the shipping cost after checkout.

If you reach $200 on a SECOND order(aka you already have an open box that was under $200 and this second order is over $200 ON ITS OWN), I will refund you the difference to get to your discounted shipping rate.

**If you want your items insured, you will need to have the Route protection package on ALL orders in the Hold Box.

Please know that if you are ever holding a box, make sure to put the correct address in ALL orders as I sometimes ship from the first order, and sometimes from the second.

Do you charge tax?

Taxes are charged for the state of California.  Some additional states may automatically charge as well if you live in a state where it is required.  I cannot control this, and I do not make any money on this.

A piece is more expensive than it was in an Instagram Sale, can you price match?

No, sorry! It takes A LOT more effort and time to get items posted to the website. Once they are posted on here the prices are what is currently listed. Additionally the IG sales tend to be a little cheaper as a perk of shopping them.

Do you have an outlet store?

I 100% absolutely DO NOT have an outlet store of any kind. Unfortunately there are scammers out there trying to steal my business name. This website you are on HERE is the ONLY WEBSITE I have. I also do not use any other URLs including any like .shop or .co or .info or any extensions like that.

Please do not give these sites your money or information. I cannot be held responsible or liable for anything they do, or for any information you give them.


Do you sell on Instagram?

I do! I actually do A LOT of sales on Instagram. Typically items are posted there before they ever make it to this website. Be sure to follow @contempocrystals and @contempogems for all of the action.

There is an additional set of rules that apply to the Instagram Sales (these are in addition to all policies on this website), so be sure to read through my rules carefully on the Instagram pages and sale rules posts.

Do you do Live Sales on Instagram?

We rarely do Live Sales on our Instagram page, but we often do Story and Feed Sales instead as many people have said they prefer them.  You can visit my sale page for more information, rules and upcoming dates.

Why did I get blocked from your Instagram accounts?

You may be blocked from my Instagram accounts for a wide variety of issues related to breaking the sale or page rules.  I am also part of a network of crystal shops that report issues to one another.  If you have severely broken other shop's rules, (mainly not paid for an order in this situation), I may block you as well.  If you would like to appeal this ban, please visit this page.


Where do you ship?

At this time this website is only setup for US, Canada, and Mexico shipping. And typically those are the only places we ship.

If you are a previous International Customer, I MIGHT be able to ship. If able to, there is at least a $100 minimum order requirement (before shipping or fees - you will be required to buy the Route protection package).  Please visit the International Orders page for details.

Unfortunately other than that, I suggest finding an individual mail forwarder that will provide you a US address and I can ship to that!

Where do you ship from?

All orders are packed and shipped from Southern California.

How much is shipping?

Detailed shipping estimates are available on this page.  Please see details below on adding insurance or signature confirmation.

What are the shipping types?

There are basically two shipping 'types' on this website. 'Ground' and 'Priority'. 99% of orders are shipped through the USPS, the others are sent through UPS (mostly only very large orders).

'Priority' orders are all sent via USPS priority mail aside from very special situations.

'Ground' orders have two meanings.

95% of these orders mean they are smaller in size and will go USPS Ground Advantage (formerly known as First Class Mail).

For orders that receive 'Discounted Ground' shipping for orders over $200, those will either ship by USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground shipping depending on the size and weight. This will be at MY discretion as sometimes these orders cost me upward of $50 to ship.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping heavy fragile rocks is tricky, and the shipping services like to charge a buttload.  I do not make any money on shipping (I usually lose money), so please know that.  Shipping estimates are listed on this page, and are subject to change based on the shipping carrier prices.

Rocks are heavy and the weight adds up QUICKLY.  I'm not shipping a scrunchie here, even a palm stone can be half a pound, then you have to package it, and even the smallest box I have is about half a pound to send... anything 1 lb or more automatically HAS to ship Priority. Basically only jewelry will fall into the First Class rates. It will always be more cost efficient if you can add up some items in the same order.  You can get quite a few tumbles, palms, and small items in the first level of Priority, same goes for Medium, etc.

Keep in mind shipping costs are set by USPS or UPS.  In addition the costs of boxes, envelopes, padding have all gone up significantly, to which aren't even factored in to the shipping cost you're charged. 

But if shipping looks like an INSANE cost, please let me know ASAP, something might have calculated wrong.

When do you ship?

I mostly ship on Mon, Wed, Friday, but try to ship all orders within 1-2 business days, but there are occasions where things can be delayed up to 3-5 business days.  You will receive a tracking e-mail once your order has shipped.  All orders are dropped off within 24 hours of that e-mail, if not before.  I DO NOT guarantee ANY specific shipping times or arrival dates, as that is out of my control.

Sometimes I can ship immediately (if your order happens to come in while I'm packaging), sometimes you might order right after I finished in which case the above times apply and may take 1-2 business days.

I usually ship 2-3 days per week. Usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I may ship differently some weeks. Even Saturday SOMETIMES.

Again, please remember I'm one person.

Payment Plans may take an extra day or two due to the fact that the final payment may fall on a strange day, or the system may not notify us immediately.  See the Payment Plan page for details.

How long does shipping take?

99% of our shipments are sent via USPS.  First class packages will take approximately 5-8 business days, Priority takes approximately 3-5 business days.  Larger orders and ones with free ground shipping typically take 5-8 business days through UPS. This is US only!

I have no estimates or guarantees for international shipments as that includes two shipping companies and customs which I cannot control any of.

These are simply ESTIMATED times and not guaranteed.  Once they are dropped off with the shipping companies, I have zero control of how fast they move.  I have no contacts with these companies to even get additional updates for them.  Again, please remember I'm a tiny fish in the shipping sea and they do not give me the same access as larger companies.

There is more helpful info on the res of this FAQ page.

I placed two orders, and they say shipped, but one arrived and one hasn't?

Even if I send packages out at exactly the same time, sometimes one can take a longer route through the USPS or UPS system. It makes ZERO sense I know, but it is not something I can control. Once it leaves me, they have full control.

Also if they had different shipping levels (like First Class and Priority), they will be pushed through the postal system at different speeds.

Are your packages insured?

Short Answer: SOME haha

Long Answer: I now offer package protection through the Route App! It is an easy to use tracking and protection app that makes claims headache free as most are resolved almost instantly. If you do not add Route, you agree to not having your package covered or replaced.

Orders $200 and more (placed directly on this site and not through a separate shopping app like Shop or Facebook) will automatically be protected by the Route app against significant damage, packages permanently lost in transit, and theft after delivery (dang porch pirates!).

Orders Under $200 will be given the OPTION to purchase the Route protection at checkout (not refundable). The option will automatically be selected and is an additional cost of $2.95 per order. If you de-select this option (aka you remove the protection), I CANNOT issue any refunds or replacements for packages that are lost in transit, are stolen or not delivered, or are broken, etc.

If you experienced an issue with your Route protected order, please file a claim with Route’s team here.

My order was 'returned to sender' who pays to re-ship it?

If your item is returned to me due to YOUR error (you input wrong, or incomplete, or incorrect shipping address at order for example), you will have to cover the cost of the re-shipment. This is at USPS's discretion on whether they can deliver the item as you input it. I have no control. Please note I have no control over how fast or slow they send it back to me. I've seen it take a month.

Labels are created automatically from the address information you input, so I have no way of knowing if it is wrong. Whatever address your order confirmation e-mail shows is the address that it will ship to.

I use the exact address from what the customer inputs. The system will not suggest address changes like apt/units, or company info, or name changes. I have no way of knowing if something is missing or if an address doesn't actually exist at all.

I will send you an invoice for the cost of the new shipping label. Once that is paid, I will re-send to the corrected address you provide. USPS does not allow me to re-use the original label.

If for any reason you refuse to pay for the re-shipment and I make an exception to grant a refund (which since I do not typically offer refunds, is very rare - see below), your refund will not include the original shipping costs or fees I incurred. I also cannot refund you for the Route protection if that was on it.

If it was MY ERROR from changing the address somehow, I will of course take care of sending it again. 

International Shipping Fees & Information

Again, I am only able to ship to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

You are responsible for paying any fees related to importing, duties, etc.  I do not know what they are and cannot estimate them.  I will also not change the value of the package. If your shipment is sent back because you refuse to pay the fees (COD for example) I will NOT refund your order. If you'd like it re-shipped, you must pay for the second shipping fee AND the fee you previously refused to pay.

If you are a previous international customer in good standing, see my International Orders page for more details.

Can I pick up my order if I live nearby?

No sorry, for both our safety I do not allow any local pickups, or do any drop-offs.  All orders ship no matter where you live.


Do you offer returns?


I do NOT allow any refunds, returns or exchanges, all sales are final.*

Items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.  Crystals are formed by nature and have natural cracks, crevices, colorations etc.  Some are incredibly soft and may have slight shedding during shipments unfortunately.  If your item arrives with significant damaged, you will need to contact the shipping company to receive a refund, unless your package had the Route protection on it. Please see the info below.

*If you have Route: All you have to do is go to the Route protection e-mail you received and start a claim or tap here. Easy peasy.

*If you DO NOT have Route:

IF for ANY reason we grant an exception, your refund will not include shipping cost (both original and return costs), or the fees that I incured at the time of the order, this includes cancelling before shipment. Please remember I am a small business, and I get charged a fee the second an order is placed.

If there are issues with your order, you must EMAIL (not in Instagram) me within 24 hours of the DELIVERY DATE, by responding to your order confirmation e-mail.

My order has not arrived....

All shipments include tracking numbers that are sent with your shipment confirmation e-mail (separate from the order confirmation).  Please note that I receive the SAME tracking information, nothing more. Once the package has been dropped off with USPS or UPS, we have no control over them anymore.

If your tracking number even just says 'Accepted - Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending' - it has 100% guaranteed been dropped off with the USPS. I do not know why this happens, but you will first want to submit a 'find my package' or start a 'service request' with them. When you write in, note to them that you are sure it is in their possession... because it is, I promise! If tracking does not update for 2-3 weeks, please send me a message through the 'contact us' page or even better, reply to your order confirmation e-mail.

If your shipment shows that it has been delivered, unfortunately there is nothing we can do unless you had the Route package protection on your order. I cannot refund for this, so please keep that in mind. If you've had problems with deliveries, or there is a risk, you need to pay for signature confirmaitons.  

See below question for more information and suggesstions : (  Please try to remember I am a small business and not Amazon.

If your order never arrives:

If you have Route: You will simply need to start a claim through the Route protection e-mail you have received or tap here.

If you do not have Route protection (only valid on Priority orders - not First Class):

You can submit your USPS claim HERE.
or UPS, submit HERE.

You will need the 'from' address, aka my address.  Please e-mail me to receive this info.

My item arrived damaged, what do I do?

While we do everything humanly possible to ship your item safely to you, the shipping companies (USPS, UPS, etc) have 100% control of your packages : (  Unfortunately once it leaves our possession, we cannot do anything, and is therefore up to the USPS (or other shipping company used).  If your item does arrive damaged, you will need to: 

If you had Route protection on the order: You will visit the Route protection e-mail you received and start a claim or tap here. They will ask for photos of the item, and possibly the packaging. But it should still be easy.

If you do NOT have Route protection:

You will have to submit a claim with the USPS (or UPS) directly. IF they issue any refunds, it will only be up to $100 on Priority packages (no insurance on First Class).

They will REQUIRE the following photos for your claim.  Without these photos they will definitely not accept your claim.  You MUST also keep ALL packaging and items until the claim is fully over as they will likely make you visit a post office to show these items (it sucks, but that is their new policy).  Lately they have been rejecting any claims that do not get this.
- Multiple photos of the broken item(s)
- A photo of the shipping label on the box clearly showing the TO & FROM address.
- Multiple photos of the box, especially any noticeable damage (the more you can show this the better, as that is obviously their handling).
- Photos of all of the padding that was around the piece.
- Screenshots of your order details (you can access custom listings through your order confirmation).
- Return Address: This is MY shipping address in the top left of your shipping label.
- Shipment Dates: These will be found on your tracking e-mail.
*If you have any video of the box being mishandled by a carrier, keep that as well, or screenshots.

You can submit your USPS claim HERE.

If your order was shipped through UPS, submit HERE.

Some pieces are super soft or fragile, like selenite, white aragonite, etc. and may 'shed' small pieces.  This is natural for crystals versus a crystal breaking in half or a significant piece falling off.  

If for any reason I allow a return of an item... you will be responsible for return shipping costs, and the item must arrive the the same condition.  I will also not refund the original shipping cost.  You must e-mail me about this within 24 hours of the delivery date.

My package was marked delivered, but it isn't here...

Please remember I ship to the address that YOU provide when the order is placed. It is automatically put into the shipping label - I do not manually edit it.

Unfortunately I cannot refund for packages marked as delivered unless you have put the Route protection on your order.

Please check with your family or neighbors to see if they somehow grabbed it for you first of all. If you have a community package/parcel locker, please double check that the key just didn't make it into your mailbox (talk to your property manager and/or mailman). I suggest talking with your management company either way because I have had customers locate quantites of packages they thought were lost.

Sometimes it says it is delivered, but it will come a day or two later.  I've seen it all, but again, I can't do anything.  Please remember I cannot control this, and did not cause anything to happen to your package myself.

Most customers have the best luck by visiting their local post office with their tracking number and 99.99% of the time they find it this way. This is the best way to go about finding your package because they are the ones who can speak to the actual mail carrier who supposedly delivered it. If you can talk with your actual mail carrier directly, that is your best bet as they will know exactly what happend.

Again, unfortunately I cannot refund for packages marked as delivered unless you added the Route protection. - Please try to remember I am a one person business. I ship to the information you provide when the order is placed. I cannot control how your package is handled or delivered, where you live, etc. I can't control the entire postal system, your mail person or thieves. It is unfair to blame me. And sadly I have had people fraudlently state they did not receive something when they in fact did (and posted on social media).

You MAY pay to add a delivery signature (which I suggest if you live in an apartment or area with foot traffic, or where your packages are visible), but that will be your responsibility.  Please let me know if you want this service added prior to checking out.

See 'my order has not arrived' above more more info.

If you have Route: You will simply need to start a claim through the Route protection e-mail you have received or tap here.

My order was marked delivered, but it just shipped?

Oh USPS, they always come up with new things I need to add... If you JUST received tracking information and your order is marked delivered the same day.... yes this has happened unfortunately.

This means USPS scanned them into their system incorrectly as 'delivered' instead of 'accepted'. Your order will still in fact travel as normal to its destination, BUT your tracking number likely will not update at all. Please see the 'shipping speed info above' for an estimate of how long it takes.

On the rare occurrence this happens (it's only happened to me once in 5 years - but 6 packages at the same time, yikes!), please e-mail me and I will try to get you updates. USPS can 100% see the actual live tracking on their backend, it is just that you and I cannot see the package in movement.

My package says 'Available for Pickup' at post office, but I put my home address in?

This is a rare one for me, but if you see that somehow the package was 'out for delivery' but then changed to 'available for pickup at post office', a couple things could have happened. They could have forgotten to deliver it, it could have ended up on the wrong truck/route, or they did not feel it was safe to leave the package.

If you click on the tracking link from your e-mail (or copy and paste the number) and go to your tracking on the actual USPS website, you will see a 'request a redelivery' button just under the tracking number. Hopefully this will get it delivered. Otherwise you may have to go to the post office with photo ID, tracking number, and bill or mail with your name and address to pick it up.

Please know I have no control of this happening. I ship to the address you provide to me, so I don't make any special 'pick up' requests.

I checked my box and under the couch REALLY well, 3 times at least, and I'm missing the ____ in my box...

I didn't receive the ____ item from my order...

Please check your boxes carefully, as sometimes small items can hide in the paper shred. I try to make them obvious, but sometimes they wiggle down in transit.  I promise it is there!  On the extremely rare occasion it is not, see below.

After checking the box, and the area you unpacked REALLY REALLY well (please!) and it is still missing....

I'm so so sorry! I keep all orders separate to avoid this, but I am human.  If you really are missing something, please respond to your order confirmation e-mail and let me know what specific piece is missing and include any applicable photos. Please do not DM on Instagram. This gives me all the information I need to see what happened and I so I can check the claim photos and packing videos before getting back to you. If it is truly wasn't picked for your order I will of course make it right!

Please note that I cannot replace or refund for pieces that may have been lost or accidentally thrown out with the packaging. 

You must contact me within 24 hours of the delivery date.

My package is late or did not arrive when expected...

Again, unfortunately once it has left our possession, it is USPS who is in control.  I can't make it go faster sadly, and I don't receive any additional info.  Sometimes they don't move the package like they are supposed to, and sometimes it takes an accidental longer route.  If your order is stuck in transit (they can do this for up to weeks at a time), you will need to submit a 'Find Missing Mail' request here or visit your local post office.


Sometimes it even says it is delivered, but it will come a day or two later.  I've seen it all, but again, I can't do anything.  : ( I've had a customer with TWO orders delayed by a MONTH!

You MAY pay to add a delivery signature or add the Route package protection (see above question on insurance), but that will be your responsibility.  Please let me know if you want added prior to checking out.

I put the wrong address, or used the wrong payment method can you change it??

No sorry, I cannot just change it! If we have to re-do your order for any reason, you will be required to pay a 3% fee for your order total as we do not get the fees back on the order we had to cancel.

I cannot edit payment methods at all, so you will be required to re-do your order for that too.

Payment providers like PayPal do NOT allow us to change the address, so please be sure to input it correctly.  We ship to the address that is input by YOU, and the label is created automatically by the system.  We have no way of knowing it is an incorrect address, whether that is the Apt # or an entirely different address.

Similarly, if you are moving, if you do not put anything in the order notes like 'please wait 5 days', or 'must arrive by __ date' on the cart page (no instagram messages), we WILL ship the item as we regularly do.  Again, it is all done by what is in the shop system. 

If your address is incorrect and you need to change it, you can TRY to have it changed using a USPS Intercept Package request.  There is a fee involved, and it is done directly through the postal service, I have nothing to do with this.

IF you catch this before the item ships, we will have to cancel the entire order and have you re-order again.  Since there are fees we incur for doing this, we will charge a fee of 3% of the order total, to re-do your order. (This is the fee we are charged to refund your order).  Please e-mail us immediately to do this. 

I will ship to whatever address YOU put into the order, so if it is sent to the wrong address because of this, I cannot issue a refund.

I accidentally placed an order, what do I do?

I'm sorry, but I do not allow cancellations of orders or returns. IF you did place an order on accident, please contact me ASAP with the issues. If you used the wrong address or payment option, there will be a 3% fee to re-do these as they are fees I don't get back on canceled orders.

Again, please contact me PRIOR to your order shipping. Once you receive the items, I cannot do anything. There may be rare occasions where you can send all items back (at your cost), and I MAY issue a refund (minus shipping costs and fees), but you must contact me to arrange this.

Fraudulent Orders

If you place an order, and receive your items and say nothing to me and instead file a chargeback or claim through your credit card or PayPal, that is a REALLY crappy thing to do to a small business. Not only did you steal our product AND money, but it charges us an additional fee too. Shame on you. Legal measures will be taken against customers who fraudulently file a chargebacks.

My child/niece/dog/neighbor/etc used my card and ordered, help!

You take responsibility for any orders placed by a friend or family member, including those under 18. I have no way of knowing this.

YOU must keep your payment information secure on your end. If your card or payment information is used on this website, you acknowledge that you have given the child, relative, friend, etc., you have given access to your information, PERMISSION to use it, and are therefore responsible for all charges.

I will NOT refund for this happening. IF I do make an exception, you MUST send back ALL items, packing, and everything in the box at YOUR expense. If I do this, you will only receive a refund for the items, not shipping or any fees I incured from the order.

I purchased a gift card, but the code isn't working.

If you are having an issue with a gift card code entered at checkout, two things could be happening.

1. You've already used the balance of the card up. If you got the card from someone else, you may want to ask them. Only the e-mail that is on the original order for the gift card will receive the code (even I can't see it).

2. Your code should have 16 digits with a mix of numbers and letters. If you do not see 16, please send me a message through the contact form (with gift card order number if possible, but if not, hopefully the name of the person who ordered and the gift card amount so I can find it).

Shopify automatically e-mails the gift card codes directly to the customers, and unfortunately they have been known to leave off the last digit in the e-mail. I'm trying to get this fixed. But the good news is I can see the last 4 digits of the code, so I can provide this last one.

I'm sorry for the extra trouble! I'm working with Shopify to stop this, but currently it's not something I'm able to control on my end.


How are your orders packaged?

While we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily processes, our top priority is the SAFETY of your crystals.  Every order comes in a box, even the ones that are shipped in an envelope.  The individual pieces are packed tightly in paper shred (made from recycled paper), each piece is wrapped in toilet paper (yes it sounds weird, but it is an industry trick, and also made of recycled paper), and then wrapped in thin plastic to keep them safe. 

Slabs are often also packed in a cardboard and thin foam wrapped sleeve for extra protection.  Super fragile specimens will often be packed in a very thin plastic bedding inside a separate box.  Any plastic we use is recycled.  Some tumbles and jewelry items may also be found in small organza bags.  We truly do everything we can to keep them safe in their travels and luckily have VERY few issues no matter how hard the USPS or UPS are on them.

Can you gift wrap or add a gift note?

Sorry but at this time I cannot do either option. The only thing I CAN do is add a 'To Name' and 'From Name' - place these in the order notes. Gift wrapping is not something I have readily available and unfortunately time is also a factor. Again as mentioned before, please remember I am one person and I can only do so much!

Can you tell me your suppliers? Or where I can buy wholesale?

I'm sorry but no, and I beg you not to ask any small business this question, even outside of the crystal industry. You would not walk into a boutique and ask them how to replicate their business would you?

Small businesses spend years creating the relationships they have with suppliers. By asking, you are putting them in a position to either have to give you their blood, sweat and tears, or be the 'bad guy' who won't give the information.

Do you have an affiliate program or points program?

Sorry, I no longer have an affiliate program or points system, and unfortunately probably won't be bringing it back at any point due to many issues that happened :(

Are your crystals real or manmade?

99% of the crystals on this site are completely real and not modified (aside from any polishing or carving type of things). Aura crystals are natural crystals, but with a metal layer on them. If anything is heat treated, dyed, manmade, or repaired, I will call out the fact in the product description.

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

When sourcing crystals, I try to mostly work with small family owned businesses and/or mine owners whenever I can to have more transparency. I’m still fairly new to the industry, but I’ve been working to build trust with my suppliers in order to understand better where they source their materials from too.  Especially since I cannot personally visit the mines or factories.  But I do try to trace them back as far as possible.  I try to be as informed as I can, but constantly learning more and diving deeper into the whole sustainability and ethical sourcing side of things.

Is your Sage and Palo Santo ethically or sustainably sourced?

For the sage, it is grown on private property in Southern California, versus ruining wild habitat.  We actually only source the 'tailings' that most people are not able to use in bundles.

For the Palo, I purchase only the Bursera graveolens species (not the Bulnesia sarmientoi) from a community that only sources naturally fallen trees, and plants more constantly. 🌿 This species is NOT the one that is on the endangered list.

How do I wash my crystal sleeping mask?

Each mask is shipped with instructions, but you can also find them here!  I highly recommend using a laundry bag for the mask.  I use the 'bra' one from this set on Amazon since it is structured. 

What are the shipping types, aka 'Priority' or 'Ground'?

Priority is typically sent USPS Priority Mail and takes approximately 2-3 business days.

Ground stands for two things:

Ground Advantage is the USPS 'First Class' mail's new name. They combined the name with their 'Ground' large package shipping. They go at the same speed now which is approximately 5-7 business days.

Ground can also be sent UPS which is the same speed as the USPS one. I usually ship USPS unless the boxes are very large and heavy.

This will be at MY discretion because these size shipments cost me upward of $40-60 to send (which you don't have to pay the difference of).

Contempo Crystals has the right to refuse service to anyone.  This may include being blocked from shopping or viewing our Instagram and social media pages, or cancelling of orders that you place. If you have been banned from shopping with us, please visit our Instagram Ban Appeal pagefor possible reasons, and a possible chance to be re-instated.

Fraudulent Orders

If you place an order (or someone in your household does, and receive your items and do not contact me about any issues and instead file a chargeback or claim through your credit card, PayPal, or other payment processor, that is a REALLY crappy thing to do to a small business. Not only did you steal our product AND money, but it charges us an additional fee too. Shame on you.  Legal measures will be taken against customers who fraudulently file a chargeback, as that is theft.


Crystal healing properties are not in any way guaranteed, nor are they medical or professional advice.  They are simply shared as possible and/or commonly associated properties related to the crystal healing world.  

Some minerals are toxic to touch, and especially to use in any sort of 'crystal elixir', please research the crystals before buying. 

Many crystals are of course small and sharp in nature, and therefore a choking or safety hazard.  Please do not leave your crystals with children, pets, or anyone/thing that may be injured.

By purchasing on this website, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, or have parental consent to purchase.  I am not responsible if your child or relative uses your credit card to purchase on this website, and will not issue a refund.

We are not responsible for, but not limited to, any of the above.

- - -

**Cats & Dog Present!!**

Please note that I do have two adorable kitties that live with me, and a cute fluffy dog that comes over regularly.  They may be around crystals or packing materials.  If you have a severe allergy, please let me know and I will do everything possible to make sure your package is free of any direct contact.**

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Your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act

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I will never sell your information.