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FAQ's & Policies


We do NOT allow any returns or exchanges.  Items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.  Crystals are formed by nature and have natural cracks, crevices, colorations etc.  Additionally they may break upon return shipment.  If your item arrives damaged, please see below.  If for ANY reason we grant an exception, your refund will not include shipping cost.



Where do you ship?

At this time this website is only setup for US and Canadian shipping.  We do ship internationally through our sister shop on Etsy.  If you would like to place an order for something (or multiple items) we can create a custom listing for you.  Please message us through that shop, or Instagram to get that done.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping heavy fragile rocks is tricky, and the shipping services like to charge a buttload.  I do not make any money on shipping, so please know that.  Shipping estimates are listed at the bottom of this page.  But if shipping looks like an INSANE cost, please let me know ASAP, something might have calculated wrong.

My item arrived damaged, what do I do?

While we do everything humanly possible to ship your item safely to you, the postal service does not care as much as us. : (  If your item does arrive damaged, you will need to submit a claim with the USPS.  The will REQUIRE the following photos for your claim.  Without these photos they will definitely not accept your claim.  We suggest keeping ALL of your packaging until your claim is settled. 
- Multiple photos of the broken item(s)
- A photo of the shipping label on the box clearly showing the TO & FROM address.
- Multiple photos of the box, especially any noticeable damage.
*If you have any video of the box being mishandled by a carrier, keep that as well, or screenshots.

You can submit your claim HERE.

My item has not arrived....

All shipments include tracking numbers that are sent with your shipment confirmation e-mail.  If your shipment shows that it has been delivered, unfortunately there is nothing we can do.  Sometimes they will mark it delivered and it will not show up for another day or two (don't ask us why, we don't understand either).  You might want to visit your local post office to see if they can track it down.  If it never shows up, you will need to submit a claim directly to the USPS (99% of orders go through them).  I wish I could refund for this, but I cannot control thieves, wrong addresses, or on a rare occasion, people have actually said they did not get the item when they actually did : (

You can submit your claim HERE.

My package is late or did not arrive when expected...
Again, unfortunately once it has left our possession, it is USPS who is in control.  I can't make it go faster sadly.  Sometimes they don't move the package like they are supposed to, and sometimes it takes an accidental longer route.  Sometimes it even says it is delivered, but it will come a day or two later.  I've seen it all, but again, I can't do anything.  : (

You MAY pay to add a delivery signature or extra insurance, but that will be your responsibility.  Please let me know if you want these services added prior to checking out.

Who pays for shipping when item was returned to sender?

If your item is returned to me due to your error (wrong shipping address for example), you will have to cover the re-shipment.  If it was my error, I will of course take care of sending it again. 

Taxes are charged for the state of California.  Some additional states may automatically charge as well if you live in a state where it is required.  I cannot control it on that side.



Do you have any discount codes or sales?
We do not have discount codes or sales very often.  Any sales take place on our Instagram for the most part.  If we have a sale, it will very obviously be noted on the website.  Please do not ask for one. : )

Do you have an affiliate program?
I no longer have an affiliate program, I am sorry!

Do you do Live Sales on Instagram?
We occasionally do Live Sales on our main Instagram page, but we often do Story Sales instead as many people have said they prefer them.  We also post new items first and most frequently on our Instagram Catalog page where you can see many crystals on video.  You can visit my sale page for more information, rules and upcoming dates.

Why did I get blocked from your Instagram accounts?
You may be blocked from my Instagram accounts for a wide variety of issues related to breaking the sale or page rules.  I am also part of a network of crystal shops that report issues to one another.  If you have severely broken other shop's rules, (mainly not paid for an order in this situation), I may block you as well.  If you would like to appeal this ban, please visit this page.

How do I wash my crystal sleeping mask?
Each mask is shipped with instructions, but you can also find them here!  I highly recommend using a laundry bag for the mask.  I use the 'bra' one from this set on Amazon since it is structured. 


Detailed shipping estimates are available on this page.  Thanks!


**Cats Present!! -- Please note that I do have two adorable kitties that live with me.  They may be around crystals or packing materials.  If you have a sever allergy, please let me know and I will do everything possible to make sure your package is free of any cat contact.**