Collection: UV Reactive Crystals

UV reactive crystals are unique crystals that glow under ultraviolet light in various colors. UV crystals carry the specific properties of the crystals like love, strength, abundance and confidence. Additionally, they’re beautiful to look at and can serve as statement pieces and gifts! Read more about UV Crystals at the bottom of the page including my favorite UV lights!!

UV Reactive Crystals
uv crystals

UV crystals have the ability to glow due to the energy fluctuations within the atoms. They can come from different mineral families, but they all include specific chemical compositions which result in the fluorescence. These compositions are known as specific activators that are either a part of the crystal’s structure or just impurities. They’re typically metals like molybdenum, lead, chromium, uranium and manganese. Other components that can cause this phenomenon are some rare earth elements like yttrium, terbium and europium. All of these different inclusions can cause a variety of the glowing colors like europium which always causes blue hues, chromium with red and manganese which tends to have yellowish to bright red shades.

UV crystals can be found all around the world. Some well known localities are Utah in the US for fluorescent Geodes, Illinois and Mexico for Fluorite and the Montepuez mine in Mozambique for Ruby crystals, and of Cours Peru & Russia for Mangano Calcite.

UV crystals carry the energies of the original minerals they’re made out of. With this you have the option to pick out versatile looking crystals which would bring in numerous benefits from love, compassion and healing to strength, courage and confidence. You can even use them to call in abundance and luck!

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UV reactive crystals can be used in various ways. You can try them out in meditation and crystal gridding just like other regular crystals. A better option to get the most out of these crystals is to decorate your home with them because not only will they bring specific healing benefits, but they’ll also be cool items to display at night in combination with UV lights. The best places for these crystals depend on the mineral type and the Feng Shui guidelines, but generally they’re great additions for nightstands, desks and coffee tables. These pieces are also another way to introduce unique minerals to your crystal collection!

If you like to party then a UV reactive Crystal can be perfect when mounted into a pendant! Catch everybody’s eye on the dance floor with a super cute necklace that really pops under the lights!

We offer a large selection of different UV crystals that come in varying forms from raw pieces to different carvings. We even have some very unique mineral combinations featuring Mangano Calcite, Quartz, Fluorite and many others! 

Learn more about UV Reactive Crystals on this blog post if you’d like!

If you are in need of a UV Light, here are my two faves.  More powerful, and a much cheaper one.

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UV Reactive Crystals for Sale - Tumbles, Clusters & Carvings!

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