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Crystals by Intention

We have a large variety of crystals that can help you in different areas of your life, in crystal healing each one has specific things it can aid in. So, if you’re interested in discovering your solution to any problem you might be facing, feel free to take a look at the collections below! Learn more about the crystal uses and intentions by tapping into each collection.

Crystal Healing

Crystals offer different benefits that can help you with the struggles you’re experiencing, many people consider this crystal healing, although not every property is physical. From lack of money and love to depression, anxiety and fatigue-they can truly fit any situation where you might be currently stuck. These crystals are meant to transform your energy into being more receptive towards your desires. Most of them cause an internal shift while aligning external circumstances for attracting your manifestations. The most important part is that they will be efficient in getting closer to healing, achieving your goals and feeling better than ever!

You can even stock up on multiple crystals that work with a particular energy. This will make the potential for transformation even more powerful than just working with a single crystal. Other than that, it’s also good to pair crystals with complementary benefits like ones for protection against negativity with others for promoting more joy and positivity. You can visit the crystal meanings page for even more details on this!

The best way to make these crystals more effective is to keep them near you at all times. It’s preferable to have direct skin contact with them via real crystal jewelry, but it’s good to also keep them in your pocket, wallet or purse. Another great option is to dedicate an alter or crystal grid to the specific benefit you’re trying to call in. This will be a great reminder for you to focus on your vision and take more inspired action. Lastly, you can also connect with the things you’re trying to manifest by meditating with your crystals. That’s an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and re-center your energy while also getting closer to your dreams. Bonus points if you can visualize while you’re meditating!

These crystals are a great way to organize your house according to Feng Shui protocols. It is said that every area of your home carries a specific energy and placing stones with specific properties will rebalance that part of your life. Some brief rules according to the Bagua map is: placing stones for money in the south west area, crystals for love in the south east sections, harmony ones should be in the center and gemstones with protective benefits should be kept near your front door or bedside!

Of course crystal healing properties are not actual medical advice as these are just meant to use in addition to any recommendations by professionals.

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