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Red Aventurine crystals come in a variety of red shades from light pink to dark red. This stone has a protective and revitalizing benefit. It’s also known for increasing positivity, motivation and determination to take action.

We offer some magnificent Red Aventurine carvings. We even have red aventurine jewelry pieces that’ll bring the necessary encouragement in your life!

Red Aventurine Meaning

Red Aventurine belongs to the quartz family. It can be found in magmatic rocks and hydrothermal veins all around the world in countries like Brazil, Nepal, Italy, India, Tibet and others. Red Aventurine’s name describes the appearance of this stone perfectly. It both points out to the signature color of this variety and the sparkly appearance which is called aventurescence.

red aventurine

Red Aventurine is here to provide you with the mental strength to go ahead and take the needed actions. Likewise, this stone will also give you perseverance and it’ll naturally attract prosperity. Other crucial benefits along the path are the emotional balancing and increase of self-worth. It will also ground and protect you from negativity because it’s known to balance the Root Chakra.

Red Aventurine is an amazing jewelry option that will keep away the negativity. It’s also widely used as a pocket tumbled stone. Another great way to get its benefits is by meditating with it or placing it over the Root Chakra. If you are in need of some encouragement in achieving your dreams place it in your office. This is also the perfect gift for your Aries loved ones!

Use Red Aventurine in the home for manifesting abundance or reinforcing leadership. We love to use this stone in places you will pass by it regularly!

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