**Website Update, December 15!** - **Priority Mail Cut-Off is Dec. 18th - Delivery not guaranteed by Christmas, but I'll get it out ASAP on our end!**


We love doing crystal sales over on our Instagram page @contempocrystals! You will want to check that page for upcoming sale dates and the full general rules are listed below.*

Instagram Crystal Sales and Shopping

Crystals will be posted on Stories and in the Main Feed (aka regular page posts) for almost every sale event. Full sale rules will be posted before each sale.  By shopping on Instagram or the website you agree to our full terms of service and policies listed both there AND on this website.

We also now do mini Live Sales every Thursday at 6pm Pacific (unless noted) that we call '35 Live' because it is only 35 items on a grid format per week.
- - - - -

Prices are in US dollar, and do not include shipping, estimates are available on this page. Please let me know before checkout time if you are located outside the US as your shipping has to be set differently on your custom listing.

- - - - -
***MUST pay within 24 hours of sale ending!!***
This payment deadline is ALWAYS announced ahead of time and before and throughout the crystal sale.

- $10 minimum on all sales (before shipping). This is even if you are simply adding to and open box... the website cannot even allow a checkout under $10.

- Payment plans available on orders OVER $150.  Find the full rules here.
- No Holds, Put Backs, or Cancellations - If you do any of these, you will not be able to shop future sales.

- Do NOT haggle or ask for additional discounts.

- You MUST FOLLOW me on Instagram to Shop!! Otherwise you will miss important sale and checkout announcements.

- - - - -

For all sales, posts, etc.  All items are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
I suggest taking screenshots of your claims to keep track (posts, stories, live sales etc. so you have an idea of how much you currently owe and what items you have claimed. You must claim 'amethyst cluster 22' anyway, so that should help you keep track.  I do not have your total until I am ready to post the final listings.

- - - - -

– DM 'quartz 22' for something like a Quartz Cluster that is $22 to purchase through the specific story (message bar at bottom). Not 'interesting', 'want', 'yesssss'.  Do not use the $ sign or the word 'sold'.

– Items will be shown one at a time with the price listed on it.

– Once a crystal is claimed, I will remove it and post new crystals. – If it’s showing, it’s probably still available.  I recommend trying to claim rather than asking if it is available.  Asking availability does not hold the piece.⠀

– If it is a multi-day sale, crystals remaining from day 1 will be posted to an 'available/for sale' story highlight.

– Items noted 'multiple available' will be intuitively selected for you.  NO requests for specific pieces... trying will not help your cause HAHA. : )


– To CLAIM: You will comment like the other claims above.  But we suggest adding emojis.

– Items will be shown one at a time.  The first claim comment to show on MY end is the one who gets it.  Your comment will always show first to yourself.

– Emojis help your comments to go through.  If I'm not recognizing your claims, please make sure I'm seeing your comments.  I don't ignore people : )


- These are just like the @contempogems page on Instagram, but they will be posted to my main page @contempocrystals DURING story sale events. Each item will be shown on video (possibly two items per video) and then will be listed with their prices underneath.

- To CLAIM: Comment on the post 'quartz 22' for something like a Quartz Cluster that is $22 to purchase. 

- I will automatically combine these with any claims from the story sale.

- Prices are listed in USD $$

– Must pay by the posted payment deadline. These are ALWAYS announced ahead of time in the sale rules posts and in multiple other places.  This means you need to pay BEFORE that time.  Not AT that time.  Payment listings are always posted for at least 24 hours, so there is NO EXCUSE for being late.

Once the sale is over, I will post listings to this website.  You will just find the listing with your Instagram Name and checkout like any website.  You can add any items from the website to your cart along with this listing.

- Your custom listing will NOT appear in search results. This is why it is linked in my Instagram stories.  But you can also access ALL sale listings from the 'Instagram Checkout' page.

– Always watch my Instagram Stories for an announcement on when listings are up (this is why you MUST follow me to shop).  But I will always try to tell you ahead of time a timeline of when to look.  AKA 'checkout will start at 5pm on Sunday'.

– For the Catalog page, listings are posted each night between 4-8pm Pacific.  You will have 24 hours from when I post the Story Announcement. 



You may hold your box from shipping for two weeks* incase you want to add items.  You must still pay on time for your current claim.  If you want to add items BEFORE your deadline, please tell me BEFORE you checkout.  You may not add items once you are late. You must add 'HOLD BOX' to the cart notes'

*You can hold your boxes for:
United States: Two Weeks
International: One Month

Your order will automatically ship once time is up (from the first hold), or if you place a second order and do not add the hold note again.

Please keep in mind  : ) 
I'm just one girl behind this screen doing everything.  Please be conscious of my time and what is going on with other shoppers.  I do not allow requests for additional photos/videos or measurements.  

*Each sale may have slightly different rules, so be sure to check the rules posted on my Instagram right before! : )

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