**USPS shipping times are taking MUCH longer. -- Please check your tracking e-mail. It may take 1-3+ days to update as they are not scanning many into the system. Many packages are scanning only once out for delivery. Please be patient! Thank you.**


We offer payment plans through Partial.ly on any order totaling over $150 (this is after any discounts, but before taxes or shipping are added).  Available for United States only.  

If your order is eligible (aka hits $150) a 'Purchase with Partial.ly' button will automatically appear under the checkout button on the CART PAGE (top right 'bag' icon on the website). Please click that button to visit Partial.ly's website, where it will have you set up your account, and start your payment plan!  Follow the instructions on their website to get set up.

**If you have any problems or questions regarding your payment plan, like how much you currently owe, please visit the Partial.ly website and login or chat with their customer service team over there.**
- - - - -

What are the payment plan terms?
Payment plans require a 25-50% down payment, and you may take up to 4 weeks to pay it off in its entirety. You can choose to have your automatic payments occur weekly or bi-weekly until the plan is fully paid off.  You can pay it off early if you'd like to by submitting a manual payment for the remaining amount.

Is there a cost?

While I would love to not have to charge anything, the cost of running payment plans is quite a bit higher than regular payments and additionally there is a lot more work that goes in to managing and housing these orders.  Therefore there is a 3% service fee added to all payment plans.  

Can I cancel a payment plan once it is started?
I do not accept cancellations on a regular basis (on any of my Instagram sale events or nor do I offer returns)... but I understand that life can hand you some really crappy bumps sometimes.  If you absolutely have to cancel, please send an email to explain what happened, and I will refund any amount paid, minus a 20% restocking fee.  This is 20% of your total original order amount including any fees. If your plan is cancelled do to defaulted payment, this 20% fee will also apply.

What if I want to combine two orders?
Great question! I know sometimes people claim multiple times over different days or weeks.  You must hit $150 for EACH checkout in order to use a payment plan.  Here are some examples:

#1 - You previously paid $50 on an order but held your box to combine shipping.  Now you want to add more, your NEW order total must be $150 to start a payment plan.  You cannot count your original $50 paid order.

#2 - You currently have a $175 payment plan open.  You want to add more items.  You may open a SECOND payment plan if the NEW items total $150.  Or you can do a normal (aka paid in full) checkout if the second claim is under $150.

Can I make changes to my payment plan items list?
Once a payment plan is started, it cannot be changed, I don't even have an option to do this in the system.  Sorry!  I don't allow swaps or putbacks anyway regardless of payment plans : ) If you want to add items, see the rules above.


What if I miss a payment or a payment fails?
Payments are made AUTOMATICALLY through the system from the payment form you setup the plan with.  The best idea is to use a normal Credit Card for your plan... please do not use a debit card or a pre-paid card unless you absolutely have no other option. That way you do not risk payments failing or over drafting your account (any fees that are charged by your bank are YOUR responsibility).  If a payment fails, the system will try the next day.  

I had too many failed attempts and my plan defaulted, now what?

If you have too many failed payments, usually 5, your plan will default.  It is up to you to chat or e-mail with Partial.ly to get your plan re-activated.  If you fail to reactivate it within 24 hours, and/or do not have your plan paid off in 5 weeks MAX, your plan will be canceled and you will receive a refund less the 20% restocking fee mentioned above.  This means that you cannot have multiple weeks of failed attempts.

When will my items ship?
Your order will ship as soon as your payment plan is 100% paid for.  Usually within 24-48 hours of the final payment.  If you are combining orders (any combination of paid in full or payment plan), they will ship once you are 100% paid up.  If for any reason the payment plan system does not charge shipping costs, you will have to pay for it before your item can be shipped.

Is this offer available for any country?
At this time we only accept US, Mexico & Canadian orders on this website*, but at the moment we can only do payment plans for the US.  Hopefully that will change soon!  If you are outside the US, but have a US shipping address, you may still use a payment plan!  


If you are just shy of hitting $150, there are a handful of items available on my Instagram Catalog @contempocrystalscatalog that are as low as $1! Just look at the Story Highlight labeled 'Under $15'!

*You can still shop my items and Instagram account, I run those checkouts through Etsy. : )


Can you just split an order between two cards?
I cannot split an order over multiple cards.  The only way you can pay with multiple cards is by using Partial.ly.