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Ever wanted to be able to add crystal designs to shoes, clothes, mousepads, phone cases and more?!?! I know I have haha.  So I started adding my crystal photos and art to the Zazzle website so you can shop these items on demand! There are TONS of options available and you can even customize!

Please note that all of these items are printed by Zazzle directly.  I do not select the products, do the printing, shipping or anything.  You will shop and deal with Zazzle only for these items.  I simply receive a 'royalty' for the use of my art.  So yes, you still get to support me as a small business (yay), but I can't help with anything customer service wise.  Just a heads up. : )


Have other product ideas or designs you want me to try to add?  Let me know on the Contact Us page!! I'll keep trying to add more options on occasion!