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Thankfully crystals have become popular enough that there are many books on crystals and resources on the market these days. Below is just a small list and a quick recap of some of my favorite ones to take a look at. Whether you borrow from a library, download a digital version or prefer a hard copy, there are TONS of crystal book options with a wide range of themes and purposes.

You will see that some of these crystal book options are a perfect introduction, or crystals for beginners recap and outline, some are more of a resource book that you would likely grab when you want to look up a certain stone versus reading all the way through. Some of these are on a specific theme like healing properties or crystal gridding. Some are more on the metaphysical side of crystals, and some are more on the scientific and geological side. Whatever your interest in crystals, there’s probably a book that fits in with that!

It truly all depends on what you want to focus on, or just what you want to learn next about crystals.

Crystal Books

Judy Hall Crystal Books

Any and all by Judy Hall! Hehe, sorry I couldn't help myself. So this is really more of a general shoutout to all crystal books created by the infamous Judy Hall. She is for sure one of the OG crystal book queens and has created so many different resources. Sadly she recently passed away, but we are so thankful for her contributions to crystal world!

Judy Hall of course created the Crystal Bible, a great resource book, and one of the all-time best crystal books, but she has many more. Crystals Made Easy is one of her beginner books. The Crystal Seer is more of a pocket book (mine came with my Goddess Provisions subscription), and comes in an adorable pink cover! Hehe. And one of my other favorite resources, the Crystal Encyclopedia I grab this one regularly to look up info.

There are TONS of other Judy Hall book options, but I have not had a chance to actually read so I cannot speak to them for beginners. There are ones on zodiacs, 'prescriptions', gridding and more. She even wrote on other unrelated topics previously haha.

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Karen Frazier Crystal Books

Another great crystal author, especially for crystal beginners is Karen Frazier.  Actually my all time favorite, Crystals for Beginners is such an easy read that I recommend it to newbies and experts because it explains things in such a clear manner without the 'woo-woo'.  A lot of times people who have been into crystals for a long time will forget (or skip) the absolute basics and cannot explain to other curious minds what the deal is with crystals.  It can be pretty funny actually.

She has a couple other books on crystals that I recommend as well.  Crystals for Healing which is just as easy to understand, but goes into more on the healing side with crystals and grids specifically for what is ailing you.  The Crystal Alchemist is her newer book, which I was lucky enough to preview read before its release! What an honor!

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Metaphysical & Books On Crystals

There are also a ton of good mixed books that discuss not only crystals and their healing properties, but also more on the metaphysical side of things.  Or they are just cute and artsy versions of a more classic crystal book haha.  They also tend to have cute photos but still with lots of good info!

Here are some of my favorites.  Crystals by Yulia Van Doren (or her brand new bigger book shown just above, Crystal Healing), Crystal Rx by Colleen McCann, and Crystal Muse by Energy Muse.  All three of these are by people who are fairly well known in the industry as well.  These will all double well as crystal coffee table books as they have nice hard (and pretty) covers! These ones are in the photo up top on this page.

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Crystal Resource Books

Now there are also crystals books that you aren't going to just sit down and read cover to cover haha, these books are definitely ones that you would just reach for when you are trying to look up a certain crystal.  Either for their healing properties, localities, chemical composition or even to try to help you identify some more unusual crystal specimens.  These are resource crystal books with WAY more crystals mentioned than the ones above.  These are ones like the Crystal Bible series, The Encyclopedia of Crystals (one of my faves), and The Book of Stones.

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The Book of Stones is definitely more on the metaphysical side of the resource style books.  The wording is more 'woo-woo' focusing far more on the healing side rather than the geological side, but offers up two healing opinions for each crystal.  There are a lot of unusual crystals in this one too which is cool!

Scientific & Geological Books

Then of course there is the flip side of crystals and that is more of the technical side of things.  So if you are more into how crystals are formed and the chemical compositions, these crystal books might be more your speed. After all, you have to admit that crystals are pretty awesome how they are formed in the earth naturally.  I mean bonkers if you think about it.

Rocks, Minerals & Gems by Scholastic is kind of a middle ground of things.  It's still easy to understand and offers real world examples and history that you can relate to.  It does cover a bit of the formation and science end as well.  It has striking photos and dedicates a full spread to each stone. It is a large book, so it could definitely be a coffee table book!

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Similar, but gets a little more into the science is the Smithsonian's Rock and Gem geological book.  This definitely focuses on the rocks and goes more into how they physically form and the compositions. It also covers fossils a bit more than most of the others mentioned here.

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It's up to you!

In the world of crystal knowledge, you're certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to crystal books. The sheer abundance of options can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. To navigate this crystal-infused ocean of information effectively, it's a good idea to clarify your specific interests and intentions. Crystal books come in various flavors, from comprehensive guides covering a wide range of stones to specialized texts focusing on specific aspects like healing, meditation, or chakra work.

Considering that different authors bring their unique perspectives and insights to the table, it's often beneficial to explore multiple crystal books. Each one can offer a distinct take on the properties, uses, and energies of crystals, allowing you to gain a more holistic understanding. It's not uncommon to find variations in the healing properties and descriptions of the same crystal, which can be attributed to the author's interpretation and personal experiences. Ultimately, the best approach is to trust your intuition and gravitate toward the crystal descriptions and energies that resonate most with you, creating a personalized journey of discovery through the world of crystals.


crystal word search bookCrystal Word Search Book

And then there is the one just for fun that I found!  This cute crystal word search book will combine your love of crystals with a little brain work or relaxation time.  This book has 100 searches, so it's a good value for what you are getting.  The searches have themes like crystals of each color, types of formations, some geology, crystals by properties, and some crystals by regions.  It would be a great gift for your fellow crystal lovers too! 



You can find many more of my favorite crystal books and products on my Benable lists! 


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