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Here are the most common questions and information regarding placing orders!  If you need assistance on an order you already placed, take a look at the After Order Info page.

For more specific information related to shipping, check my shipping info page.

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How are your orders packaged?

While we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily processes, our top priority is the SAFETY of your crystals.  Every order comes in a box, even the ones that are shipped in an envelope.  The individual pieces are packed tightly in paper shred (made from recycled paper), each piece is wrapped in toilet paper (yes it sounds weird, but it is an industry trick, and also made of recycled paper), and then wrapped in thin plastic to keep them safe. 

Slabs are often also packed in a cardboard and thin foam wrapped sleeve for extra protection.  Super fragile specimens will often be packed in a very thin plastic bedding inside a separate box.  Any plastic we use is recycled.  Some tumbles and jewelry items may also be found in small organza bags.  We truly do everything we can to keep them safe in their travels and luckily have VERY few issues no matter how hard the USPS or UPS are on them.

You can read even more about my packaging and even see some examples on my order packaging page.

Can you gift wrap an order or add a card?

Sorry but at this time I cannot do either option. It is not something I have readily available and unfortunately time is also a factor. Again as mentioned before, please remember I am one person and I can only do so much!

Can you hold an item for me?

I absolutely do NOT do holds on items that are not paid for.  Sorry.

Can you keep my box 'open' or 'held'?

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Prices & Payments

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Payment plans are available ONLY through the app Partial.ly.  I cannot split payments between two cards and I do not have any other 'split' options.  

The Partial.ly payment plan option is available on orders over $150 (before shipping or fees) and will automatically appear as a payment option.  Please see the Payment Plan page for the full rules and terms of service.  It is your responsibility to read the terms of service regarding the plans.

Using it is a legally binding contract, so please make sure you read ALL of the rules and 'how-to' before using.

Free shipping is also not available on these orders.

Do you offer any discount codes or sales?

We do not have discount codes, nor do we offer 'bulk discounts' or haggling, please do not ask for a discount (see next question too).  Any discount sales take place on our Instagram for the most part, but are VERY rare.  If we have a sale, it will very obviously be noted on the website.

I do not offer wholesale. There are also no bulk discounts. All prices are exactly what is listed on the website.

What is the BEST price for ____ piece?

The price listed IS the best price for the piece, please do not ask for any additional discount or try to haggle with me. My prices are not open for negotiation, so please don't take the 'it doesn't hurt to ask' route.

I always try to keep my prices as reasonable and as low as I possibly can. In fact it may already be lower than I'm really comfortable with. The prices are all set for very specific reasons be that rarity, quality, locality, unique features or mineral combinations, my cost, etc. This has all been taken into consideration already.

Please remember I am a small business, I can only do so much.

Do you charge sales tax?

Taxes are charged for the state of California.  Some additional states may automatically charge as well if you live in a state where it is required.  I cannot control this, and I do not make any money on this.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

We do NOT allow any refunds, returns or exchanges, all sales are final.  Items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.  Crystals are formed by nature and have natural cracks, crevices, colorations etc.  Some are incredibly soft and may have slight shedding during shipments unfortunately.  If your item arrives with significant damaged, please see below.  

If for ANY reason we grant an exception, your refund will not include shipping cost (both original and return costs - if you received free shipping, the amount that it cost ME will also be deducted from your refund). 

If there are issues with your order, you must EMAIL (not in Instagram) me within 3 days of the DELIVERY DATE, by responding to your order confirmation e-mail.

Please see my full policies page for details.

Shipping Info

Where do you ship to and from?

I ship from California. At this time I only ship to the United States and Canada. If you are interested in placing an order outside of those two countries, please visit my international orders page.

How much is shipping?

YouDetailed shipping estimates are available on this page.  Thanks!

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping heavy fragile rocks is tricky, and the shipping services like to charge a buttload.  I do not make any money on shipping (I usually lose money), so please know that.  Shipping estimates are listed on this page, and are subject to change based on the shipping carrier prices.  But if shipping looks like an INSANE cost, please let me know ASAP, something might have calculated wrong.

When do you ship orders?

We mostly ship on Monday's and Tuesdays, but try to ship all orders within 24-48 business hours, but there are occasions where things can be delayed up to 3-5 business days.  You will receive a tracking e-mail once your order has shipped.  All orders are dropped off within 24 hours of that e-mail, if not before.  We DO NOT guarantee ANY specific shipping times, as that is completely out of our control.

Payment Plans may take an extra day or two due to the fact that the final payment may fall on a strange day, or the system may not notify us immediately.  See the Payment Plan page for details.

Please try to remember I am just one person with some help from my amazing parents.  This is a small small business, and I can't keep up with Amazon's shipping speeds or prices.

How long does shipping take?

90% of our shipments are sent via USPS.  First class packages will take approximately 5-8 business days, Priority takes approximately 3-5 business days.  Larger orders and ones with discounted ground shipping typically take 5-8 business days through UPS. This is the US only.

I have no estimates or guarantees for international shipments as that includes two shipping companies and customs which I cannot control any of.

These are simply ESTIMATED times and not guaranteed.  Once they are dropped off with the shipping companies, I have zero control of how fast they move.  I have no contacts with these companies to even get additional updates for them.  Again, please remember I'm a tiny fish in the shipping sea and they do not give me the same access as larger companies.

There is more helpful info on our FAQ page.

Additional Shipping Information

If you have additional questions about shipping, including insurance, tracking etc., please see the Shipping Information page.