**Website Update, December 15!** - **Priority Mail Cut-Off is Dec. 18th - Delivery not guaranteed by Christmas, but I'll get it out ASAP on our end!**


How are your orders packaged?

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While we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily processes, our top priority when shipping is the SAFETY of your crystals.  EVERY order comes in a box, even the ones that are shipped in an envelope and even tiny orders. Luckily in the years we've been shipping very fragile and intricate pieces, we have had only a handful of issues over that entire time.  The individual pieces are packed tightly in paper shred (made from recycled paper), each piece is wrapped in toilet paper (yes it sounds weird, but it is an industry trick is we can get into the cracks and crevices well, and also made of recycled paper), and then wrapped in thin plastic to keep the TP padding in place. 

Slabs are often also packed in a cardboard and thin foam wrapped sleeve for extra protection.  Super fragile specimens will often be packed in a very thin plastic bedding inside a separate box.  Any plastic padding we use is recycled. Some tumbles and jewelry items may also be found in small organza or satin bags.  We truly do everything we can to keep them safe in their travels and luckily have VERY few issues no matter how hard the USPS or UPS are on them.

Every order comes with some small crystal freebies, sticker (or 3 if my dad is feeling it haha), and an ethically/sustainable sourced mini Palo Santo wood stick.  You can read more about our Palo Santo Wood on the product page (we also have full size options).

By 'we' I mean myself, my mom or dad are the ones ALWAYS packing for the past few years.  We don't bring anyone new into the mix who does not know what they are doing.


Do you offer gift wrapping or notes?

Crystal Gift Set for Holiday Shopping Birthdays For Crystal Lovers Moonstone  Wine Stopper Rose Quartz Bracelet
Sorry but no we cannot do any sort of gift wrapping or gift notes at this time.  We do have some awesome, already made crystal gift sets available though that do come in a cute little gift box and tied with a bow! Or if you are not into the pre-made gift sets, feel free to place a regular order to a friend or family member with this in mind... 

We DO NOT include a pricing list or personal info in our orders, just in case you want to send to someone directly as a gift.  You can always access this information through your order confirmation e-mail.


**HEADS UP: When you write 'order notes', those only show to me, they don't print out anywhere.**

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