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Thank you for shopping the Contempo Crystals store!  There are hundreds of crystals and minerals available on this website, from small crystal tumbles, to crystal bowls, to large statement crystals, jewelry and accessories, and everything in between! We also offer even more crystal shopping on Instagram through regular crystal sale events!

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This section of the Contempo Crystals shop is the best place to browse through everything we have on the website, because as it says, this is 'all products'!! And that is a lot! There are over 500 crystals, minerals, jewelry pieces, zipper bags, home decor, and so much more, but we promise it will be fun to look! Keep in mind that many of the product listings have additional option as well, so don't be shy to tap on a product page!

We have a huge selection of raw crystal clusters and collector's mineral specimens of all sizes, and tons of polished and carved crystals in a variety of shapes, points, animal carvings and more. We also have dozens of stone options in our crystal tumbles section so that you can create your own crystal tumble set or use for gridding. We have one-of-a-kind crystal specimens, but we also offer some of the more common crystals that are also perfect for beginners. But special crystal collectors will also be able to find rare and unique specimens from all over the world as well!

In addition to crystals, we also have crystal jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, rings and more, and crystal accessories like keychains. Along the crystal gift lines, we also have crystal gift sets, water bottles with crystals inside, gemstone face rollers, crystal sleeping masks, crystal-shaped cat toys, and zipper bags perfect for holding crystals!

Our crystal shop also has some handmade crystal home decor pieces by me! A variety of quartz crystal points and resin geode art make for awesome crystal gifts as well!  We love adding crystals to your home or office and any crystal can work!  You can also find functional crystals like crystal bowls, slabs and slices that are even better!

And another popular section of our website is our crystal displays! We offer crystal stands for spheres, slices, raw mineral specimens, and even crystal display boxes.

We truly hope you will take a look around and know you will find some crystals and gifts you love!