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Selenite is a crystal that’s most commonly translucent white, but can also be found in opaque golden and orange colors. These crystals are known for their cleansing abilities which shift negative and stagnant energy. They’re also used for providing protection, mental clarity, peace and calm resulting in improving the overall well-being.

We carry a large variety of Selenite crystals that may come in forms such as chunks, points, towers, crystal spheres, sphere holders, bowls, selenite jewelry, and more. We even have special gift sets that include this crystal!  Read more about the selenite meaning at the bottom of the page!

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What is Selenite?

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Selenite is a crystalized form of the mineral Gypsum which is a translucent, multifaceted stone. This crystal is formed from evaporation of sulfate and calcium rich saltwater. If reintroduced to water and sand in some cases, different forms arise such as the Satin Spar with silky looking surfaces, the Gypsum Flower which looks like frozen water and the unique Desert Rose that resembles roses in bloom.

Selenite is closely associated to the moon as the name of the stone comes from the Greek word which means “moonstone”. The name of this pale crystal is also a fitting tribute for the Greek goddess of the moon called “Selene”.

Selenite is a calcium sulfate dihydrate and a monoclinic crystal. It’s hardness on the Mohs scale is 2 which makes it a really soft mineral that can be scratched with a fingernail. Selenite is also known to be easily fusible with the loss of water and can be diluted in hydrochloric acid.

What does selenite look like?

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Selenite is a colorless to milky white crystal with a pearly sheen and beautiful striations. This crystal is not entirely transparent but can be close to being so; the transparency may look foggy or milky. Selenite is a 2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it one of the softest minerals and can be scratched with your fingernail. This crystal is often sold in its raw tubular form of sticks and towers.

There is some super clear selenite from locations like Mexico and Greece, but for the most part, selenite is a stark white color. 

There is also a unique selenite stone, that has been nicknamed 'TV Stone' (although the TRUE 'TV Stone' is Ulexite), that allows you to read through the selenite in a fun and unique way.

Orange Selenite

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In addition to the classic white Selenite, there is a captivating variety known as Peach Selenite that originates primarily from Morocco, the same region where the bulk of white Selenite is sourced. What distinguishes Peach Selenite is its striking and vibrant hue, which ranges from subtle peachy tones to deeper, fiery orange shades. This remarkable coloration is a result of the presence of trace minerals, most notably iron oxide or hematite, which become naturally infused within the crystalline structure during the stone's formation process.

Orange Selenite Meaning

The inclusion of these trace minerals not only imparts the characteristic peachy-orange color but also adds a unique layer of energy and metaphysical properties to Peach Selenite. It combines the soothing and purifying qualities of traditional Selenite with the grounding and stabilizing influence of iron-based minerals. As a result, Peach Selenite is often associated with qualities such as emotional balance, vitality, and enhanced creativity.

Peach Selenite's vibrant and energizing presence makes it a valuable addition to crystal collections, meditation practices, and healing rituals. Its captivating color and the infusion of trace minerals offer a dynamic and harmonious blend of energies, making it a sought-after crystal for those seeking both aesthetic beauty and metaphysical benefits.

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Where does selenite come from?

Selenite can be found in countries like the United States, Argentina, Greece, Japan, and Australia. In the United States, notable sources include regions such as Utah, New Mexico, and California. Argentina is also recognized for its selenite deposits, while Greece boasts its own unique findings. Japan and Australia are additional countries known for their significant selenite reserves.

However, some of the most renowned origins of selenite are the deep caves in Mexico, Madagascar, and Morocco. The Naica mine in Mexico is particularly famous for its extraordinary selenite crystals, which can reach astonishing sizes. Madagascar, known for its mineral-rich lands, is home to various regions where selenite can be found, such as the Mahajanga province. Morocco, specifically the Atlas Mountains, also hosts significant deposits of selenite. These areas provide the perfect geological conditions for the formation of selenite crystals, resulting in their exquisite beauty and allure.

Selenite Meaning

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Selenite is a crystal that embodies a range of meaningful properties, making it highly sought after in the world of metaphysical and spiritual practices. Its name, derived from the Greek word for moon, "selēnē," reflects its pearly white appearance and the ethereal glow it seems to emit, reminiscent of moonlight. This connection to the moon lends Selenite an aura of tranquility and serenity.

One of its key attributes is its ability to instill a sense of peace and calm, making it a popular choice for meditation and relaxation practices. Selenite is believed to clear the mind, enhance mental clarity, and provide insight, making it a valuable tool for those seeking better judgment and heightened intuition.

Another remarkable quality of Selenite is its role as an energetic purifier. It has the power to cleanse the energy in a space, helping to dispel negativity and create a harmonious environment. In the practice of Feng Shui, Selenite is often placed near the bed to promote restful sleep and protect against disruptive energy.

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Perhaps one of its most distinctive features is its unique ability to cleanse other crystals. Similar to how the moonlight cleanses and recharges crystals, Selenite can purify and rejuvenate stones and cleanses crystals. This quality has led to the creation of Selenite cleansing plates, available in various shapes and sizes, which are widely used to cleanse not only crystals but also crystal jewelry.

In summary, Selenite's name, "moon glow," reflects its tranquil and luminous essence. It promotes peaceful feelings, mental clarity, and better judgment while serving as a potent energy purifier for both spaces and other crystals. Its unique self-cleansing quality and connection to the moon make Selenite a cherished and versatile crystal in the world of healing and spirituality.

What does selenite do?

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Selenite carries energies that are gentle yet very healing. They are capable of bringing you abundance of light and calm. So, if you feel any type of heaviness in your life right now you should consider trying this crystal! It’s also known as the stone of the higher chakras such as the crown and the third eye chakra. It can work greatly in releasing any blockages in these chakras as it is a shifter of stagnant energy. This will lead you to increased mental clarity and divine inspiration.

How to Use Selenite

Selenite can be used in several ways. This magnificent crystal is very useful for cleansing and charging other crystals because it operates with such high frequencies. Another way to try it out is by meditating while holding it. This is especially useful if you struggle with anxious thoughts and need some uplifting encouragement! You can also place it on the crown or third eye chakra as a way to cleanse and restore them. It’s also recommended to put it under a pillow or near your bed if you are struggling to get a good night’s rest. Placing it in your home is another great idea as it can bring harmony and clear away frustration and fatigue from your everyday life. They’re the ideal gift for the zodiac sign of Taurus as well, as they balance them out perfectly!

We seriously suggest grabbing some of this stone in any form as it is super versatile and a must in any crystal collection. If you are just starting your crystal collection then Selenite is a wonderful addition!

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Selenite Jewelry

Selenite jewelry, particularly bracelets, offers a myriad of unique benefits that cater to both the physical and spiritual well-being of the wearer. Renowned for its ethereal beauty and powerful metaphysical properties, selenite possesses a gentle yet potent energy that promotes clarity of mind and emotional balance. When worn as a bracelet, selenite acts as a purifying force, cleansing the aura of negative energies and restoring harmony to the body and spirit. Its tranquil vibrations soothe the mind, alleviating stress and anxiety while promoting mental clarity and focus. Additionally, selenite is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition, making it an invaluable tool for meditation and spiritual practice. As it radiates a serene and uplifting energy, selenite jewelry serves as a constant reminder to stay grounded and aligned with one's true purpose. Whether worn for its aesthetic appeal or its profound healing properties, selenite bracelets offer a tangible connection to the divine and a pathway to inner peace and enlightenment.

where does selenite come from?

Crystals That Work With Selenite

Selenite, with its luminous and ethereal qualities, harmonizes well with several crystals, amplifying their energy and enhancing their healing properties. Clear Quartz, often called the "Master Healer," combines beautifully with Selenite, intensifying its purifying and cleansing abilities. Amethyst crystal, known for its calming and spiritual qualities, synergizes with Selenite to create a serene and tranquil energy. Rose Quartz, the stone of love and compassion, pairs harmoniously with Selenite, promoting emotional healing and nurturing energies.

Celestite, with its gentle and angelic vibrations, blends seamlessly with Selenite, enhancing spiritual connections and inner peace. Additionally, Labradorite meaning, with its mystical and transformative qualities, complements Selenite, offering a heightened sense of intuition and protection. Together, these crystals create a powerful synergy, elevating each other's energy and providing a harmonious support system for spiritual growth, emotional healing, and energetic balance. 

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How to Cleanse Selenite

Cleansing Selenite crystal is rarely necessary due to its unique self-cleansing properties. Selenite has the remarkable ability to continuously purify itself and its surroundings by absorbing and transmuting negative energies. Unlike many other crystals, Selenite doesn't hold onto these energies, making it inherently pure and low-maintenance. However, if you feel the need to refresh its energy or remove any accumulated energies it may have absorbed, you can use one of these methods:

Place your Selenite under the gentle light of the full moon overnight. The moon's energy will cleanse and recharge the crystal's vibrations. Another option is to place your Selenite on a larger Selenite charging plate. Selenite naturally cleanses and charges other crystals, making it an excellent choice for maintaining the energy of your crystal collection. You can also cleanse Selenite through visualization. Hold the crystal in your hand and imagine a pure, white light washing over it, clearing away any unwanted energies.

Remember that Selenite should not be exposed to water, as it is a soft and water-soluble mineral. These cleansing methods are gentle and effective ways to keep your Selenite crystal's energy pure and vibrant.

Dyed Selenite

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Dyed and colored Selenite are intriguing variations of this crystal that have been artificially altered to exhibit vibrant and non-natural hues. Dyed Selenite typically undergoes a process where it is immersed in a colored solution, allowing the crystal to absorb the dye. On the other hand, colored Selenite may involve the application of paint or pigments to the surface of the crystal. These treatments can result in an array of colors, from bright blues and greens to vivid pinks and purples.

While dyed and colored Selenite can be visually appealing, there is a debate within the crystal community about how these treatments may affect the crystal's healing properties. Some enthusiasts believe that the introduction of artificial colors alters the crystal's energy, potentially diminishing its natural energetic qualities. Others argue that the intention behind the crystal and the user's connection with it remain paramount, regardless of its color.

Ultimately, whether one chooses natural or dyed/colored Selenite depends on personal preference and intention. It is entirely up to you!

More about Selenite

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Selenite is a mineral that is a crystallized form of gypsum and is often incorrectly referred to as being the same crystal because of their identical chemical compounds but different crystalline structure. Selenite is formed in an interesting way. When saltwater accumulates in the same spot and evaporates repeatedly over millions of years, salt is left behind building selenite formations. Because selenite is mainly salt, it is water-soluble and you should avoid leaving it in water or it may dissolve.

Chakra: Crown

Selenite Localities: Greece, Poland, Argentina, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and the United States

Birthstone: Selenite is not a birthstone but is often associated as being a good crystal for Cancers.

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Selenite Crystal for Sale & The Selenite Meaning

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