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Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

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A fun selection of mystery crystals from all over the world!  While you will select a specific price point, I guarantee the contents of the box will actually be worth more! There are NO REQUESTS allowed for these mystery boxes, but it is said crystals will come to your life for a reason. By purchasing a mystery box, you agree to receive crystals that you have not chosen, and may not request specifics for. These will be a fun adventure to open!*


Items in these mystery crystal boxes may include (but not guaranteed) raw clusters, carvings, points, spheres, palm stones, tumbles, and even crystal jewelry or other accessories like stands if applicable, aka if you got a sphere.

How Items Are Chosen: I build the mystery boxes with items at random (but with thought and care), based on what I have available at any given time. No two boxes will ever be the same in both item style, specific piece value, quantity etc.  While two $20 boxes may include 3 pieces in one, or 6 in another, they will have the same final value.  AKA, some people may receive fewer more expensive pieces and others may receive more less expensive pieces.

I have tons of inventory that isn't posted on this site or even on Instagram, so these could include anything!


Mystery boxes will NOT be in a separate box, and will be packaged together with any other items ordered at the same time.  The mystery box items will come identified though!


Please do not post any unboxing videos of you being mad about what you get.... I am just one person, I am not perfect and I cannot read minds. Please do not ruin my business (and livelihood) because of a mystery box.  There is such a massive range of crystals and products, if you are going to be upset by what you might receive, please opt to choose specific items from my shop in lieu of a mystery box. There are TONS of great options on this site.

By purchasing you agree you will not ask for any exchanges or be upset by the contents (I hope you won't be anyway!). IF you are TRULY upset by what you receive, please e-mail me privately.


Learn about crystal properties on the 'Crystal Quick Facts' page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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