Collection: Quartz Crystal Letter Boards

One of a kind Sparkle Quartz Crystal Letter Boards! These geode letterboards feature quartz point clusters in their corners, and a mixture of materials like resin, metal, glitter, glass and more that create a crystal geode pattern.  All of the crystal letter boards come with a set of letters as well!

Crystal Letter Boards

I REALLY hope you love my handmade crystal letter board designs, especially since they are made by yours truly! : ) I offer a wide variety of crystal board color and size options, so please shoot me a message through the Contact Us page if you are looking for something specific. I currently have black and white, black and gray/brown, and pink and white letter board options.

Each one of these boards is entirely unique even if they do look similar. These crystal letter boards feature natural clear quartz crystal points mixed with resin, glitter, and glass to create the geode crystal cluster look. While I often create these boards ahead of time and determine whether they are silver or gold colorings, I CAN do custom pieces if requested. These will take me some time and I will require payment up front.

The Crystal Letter Boards make the perfect crystal addition to your home or office space either for cute welcome signs, or quote little motivational quotes. Every board does come with a set of classic letters! These make great crystal gifts for just about anyone, not just crystal lovers! If you were looking for a letter board then a crystal one is a great way to display a message and make it magical!


Quartz Crystal Letter Boards for Sale

Crystal Letterboard

Quartz Letter Boards