Collection: Good Vibes & Crystal Lapel Pins

Add some fun vibey swag to your bags or wardrobe with these fun metal lapel pins!  Available as singles or there are also some pin sets available!  We have a few different options, especially for moon lovers!

Lapel pins for crystal lovers are exquisite accessories that allow enthusiasts to wear their passion for crystals, moons, and good vibes proudly. These tiny, intricate pins often feature miniature crystal clusters, crescent moons, and uplifting messages or symbols, all beautifully crafted to adorn clothing, bags, or accessories. They serve as subtle reminders of the positive energy and connection to nature that crystals provide. Whether you're an avid crystal collector or simply appreciate their beauty and the good vibes they bring, these lapel pins are a delightful way to express your affinity for the mystical and metaphysical world. They also make for thoughtful and stylish gifts for fellow crystal enthusiasts, adding a touch of spirituality to any outfit or accessory.

Crystal and Moon Lapel Pins

crystal pins

crystal lapel pins