Collection: Contempo Crystals Merch

We offer you special products created by yours truly for all the crystal lovers out there! These are just fun ways to spice up your everyday life or an ideal gift for all the people in your life that share this passion. We hope you like our crystal pattern pens and printed button pins with different cute designs like ‘Crystal Lover’ and ‘You Rock’.

Crystal Pens & Crystal Pins

Hehe you like that? These items look fun and interesting and they would also add a little bit more flavor to your personality. And who wouldn't love a crystal pen! They’re going to let people know you’re into mesmerizing crystals without having to even say a word, plus it may be a good conversation starter.

crystal merchandise

You can choose these pieces instead of using your regular old products. There truly is no better replacement so feel free to add some more enjoyment into your atmosphere with our cute and fun designs. These items are definitely the perfect way to jazz up your life and bring a reminder of crystal positivity with you even when you can't have your favorite gems with you!

The goodies on this page can also serve as adorable little gifts for your family and friends. Anyone who is into the crystal world will surely love the idea of these themed products!  And even if you aren't into crystals, everyone loves a good crystal pattern. Cute, sparkly things are often an awesome gift for anyone in your life!


Contempo Crystals Merch for Crystal & Moon Lovers

Crystal Pens

Crystal Pins