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The gemstone chip glass water bottles make a great gift for yourself or a loved one!  Way cheaper than similar options, but just as amazing.  You can also purchase separate inserts to change out the stone. In addition to crystal water bottles, we have a couple other infusion tools! Read more about crystal water bottles and infusers at the bottom of the page!

Crystal Water Bottles

If you have been looking for a crystal chip glass water bottle, look no further! These are a great way to always have crystals near me in a functional way! These twist top bottles are an affordable option to the ones that can easily run $75 and above. Each bottle is able to completely come apart for easy cleaning, and you can even switch out the gemstone insert so you can use a different crystal for the day. We also have inserts available!

crystal water bottles

We currently offer the gemstone bottles AND inserts in the following stone options: Aquamarine, Multi-color Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. You can choose your favorites based on which crystal healing properties you are looking for, or hey, we won't judge if you pick by color! Grab one full bottle set and any additional inserts to get a TON of different bottle options.

Not looking for a full crystal water bottle but still want to add a little crystal infused magic into your drinks? We also have glass crystal infusion stir sticks as an option. This can be great if you prefer drinking from cups or tumblers instead!

Don't worry, all of these crystal infusion options are totally safe as the crystals will never touch your water or drinks. Please be VERY careful with any type of bottle that puts crystals directly in your liquids as some are very very unsafe to drink like that.


Crystal Chip Glass Water Bottles for Sale

Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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