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Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose Selenite

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Adorable desert rose selenite sculptures from Mexico. These white and tan gypsum pieces are definitely all unique little pieces in a range of sizes. These rough stones look really cool with a boho or beach vibe because they have a bit of a coral look to them! Some formations will have smaller pieces clustered together, and some will have fewer chunkier ones, but the overall size will be the same depending on the option you choose.

These do flake and 'shed' a little bit of sand and gypsum, so don't be surprised when you see a bit of it in your packaging.

These are available in four size options!  They are shown XS to Large in Left to Right order in the photo with the quarter.

You will receive ONE desert rose selenite rose selenite piece that is chosen on your behalf from your selected size.


Desert Rose Selenite Meaning

Desert Rose Selenite, with its unique appearance resembling delicate rose petals frozen in time, carries profound symbolic meaning and versatile uses. This exquisite crystal is associated with the energies of the desert, offering a sense of calm and tranquility akin to the vast, peaceful desert landscapes.

In terms of its metaphysical properties, Desert Rose Selenite is often regarded as a stone of clarity and transformation. It helps to clear the mind of negative thought patterns and instills mental clarity, making it a valuable aid for meditation and spiritual work. Its gentle energy is known to facilitate spiritual growth and enhance psychic abilities, making it a favorite among those seeking higher consciousness and inner wisdom.

Moreover, Desert Rose Selenite is believed to provide protection, both physically and energetically. Its presence is thought to shield the environment from negative energies and promote a sense of harmony. Placing Desert Rose Selenite in your home or workspace can help create a peaceful atmosphere and ward off negativity.

Overall, Desert Rose Selenite is a multifaceted crystal that serves as a wonderful tool for meditation, spiritual growth, and energy cleansing, while also bestowing a sense of serenity and balance to its user or the spaces it graces.


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