**Website Update, December 15!** - **Priority Mail Cut-Off is Dec. 18th - Delivery not guaranteed by Christmas, but I'll get it out ASAP on our end!**


Thank you again for your order!!

Here are some of our most common questions that get asked after orders, and other important information.  Please read before asking questions.

Did my order ship?

If you received a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking, then yes!  They are ALWAYS dropped off within 24 hours of that e-mail being sent.  Please allow 1-3 days for it to update.  Sometimes USPS does not scan at every stop.  **Right now with the major USPS delays, packages MAY take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive. Many times they are not scanning packages until they arrive.  I've had packages take up to 8 weeks lately.  I am so sorry, but there is nothing I can do once I drop it off! If you have received tracking info, I PROMISE your order is on the way as far as me dropping it off.** This includes packages that are marked as 'pre-shipment' on the USPS tracking.

If you have NOT received an shipping e-mail with tracking, then your order has not shipped yet.  We generally ship within 1-2 business days, but on occasion can take 3-4.  If you had a 'hold box' note in your order, your order will ship in two weeks (or 4 if outside the US) unless you place a new order, or you let me know before that.  Please check your order confirmation e-mail to see if it has order notes that you input.

My tracking hasn't updated, can you help?

Unfortunately I receive the SAME exact tracking info, nothing more.  They don't even give me anyone to contact.  Once it leaves my hands, it is up to the USPS (99% of orders) or UPS (larger orders).  If your tracking hasn't updated in some time, I suggest taking your tracking number to your local post office or UPS store.  They may be able to start a 'find mail' request. You can also do this online. See the bottom of the page for more info.

I didn't receive the ____ item from my order...

Please check your boxes carefully, as sometimes small items can hide in the paper shred.  I promise it is there! On the extremely rare occasion it is not, see below.

What did I order? I can't see items from an Instagram Sale.

Actually you can! If you go to your order confirmation e-mail, click on your custom listing item name (aka 'Due 5/3 @username), it will show you the list of your items in the product description.  If you paid with a Payment Plan, you will need to have screenshotted your list before checkout. 

These are only available for 3 months after you order.  If you'd like to keep a record for longer, please screenshot.

What are the free crystals I received on the top??

There is a full list and photos of the possible free crystal stone selection available on the website crystal identifier page.  Every time I add a new crystal to the mix, I add it to the crystal identifier site!  It is hard for me to see what they are in your photos due to lighting, so please check the photo identifier.  You can even zoom in!

What is the wood stick in my order?

That is Palo Santo!  It is ethically and sustainably sourced (no it is NOT the endangered species).  It is meant to help cleanse your pieces or home if you think it needs. Just light it on fire for a few seconds and then blow it out and allow the smoke to flow over your crystals or in your space. Please be careful, and open windows as well!

I checked the box REALLY well, 3 times, and I didn't get ____.

I'm so so sorry! We keep all orders separate to avoid this, but we are human.  If you really are missing something, please respond to your order confirmation e-mail and let me know what is missing and include any applicable photos. Please do not DM on Instagram. This gives us all the information we need to see what happened and we will check our claim photos and packing videos before getting back to you.  You must contact me within 3 DAYS of the delivery date.

If something is broken, your package is delayed or never arrives, or you have other questions, please visit my full FAQ & Policies page including how to contact the USPS directly regarding those issues.  Unfortunately they do not consider a package lost for 30 days.  This is during normal times, so with all of the delays right now, my guess is they they may consider a longer period of time.  
Again, once it leaves my hands, I cannot control the shipping.  Please contact USPS for assistance. 
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