Instagram Ban Appeal

Have you been banned/blocked from shopping my Instagram pages?  If so, here is your chance to appeal your ban/block.  If you canceled, didn't pay for an order, and/or repeatedly paid late, YOU MAY NOT RE-APPLY - Please don't even send an e-mail.  Contempo Crystals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason which may include, but is not limited to the below. Please remember, I am also a person, with real feelings, just trying to make a living, but I cannot allow people to be mean or take advantage of me or my policies either. 




Please e-mail contempocrystals (at) gmail (dot) com (or use the contact page) with ALL of the following information.

- Instagram Name (or previous names you've used) and real name. Please know that creating new names after I've blocked you will also get the new names blocked.

E-mail Address used on previous orders.

- When you think you were banned (roughly when)

- Explain WHY you were banned.  *If you are unsure, please think hard at what MIGHT have caused your ban.*  Below are some examples, please read through before messaging.


 Possible Block Reasons

    • Cancelling Orders or Putting ANY Items Back - you will NOT be approved to come back if you did this. Don't even ask.
    • Late Payments (did you ever have to be reminded? Or especially repeatedly late.) If you paid late more than twice, you were definitely blocked and may also NOT even try to come back.**
    • If you have ever filed a 'chargeback' or filed a complaint against us with PayPal, bank, or credit card, you may never shop with us again. We will cancel any orders you try to place on the website too.
    • Not responding to messages (or 'ghosting') after you've claimed items - this counts as a cancellation. This is one of the WORST things you can do. Especially if you unfollow or block me after. (if you blocked me,  you definitely will NOT be allowed to come back).
    • Using the free ship codes even though they were not included in your product listing.  This is SOOO not cool. 
    • Having a poor attitude or being a bad sport about 'losing' items that other people claimed first.  Especially if you have tried arguing that you should get it. Or trying to make me switch with someone. Also have a poor attitude if I remind you to pay or to follow my rules. That is incredibly unfair to get upset when a small business nicely asks you to follow their posted rules.
    • Breaking any of my posted rules repeatedly and/or you repeatedly ignoring posted rules.  For example, not asking for specific items on 'bulk items' or asking for additional videos/photos are posted rules. Especially if you were already told not to.
    • Did you have a Payment Plan that you defaulted on? Especially if you did not re-start it within the 24 hour requirement from when it defaulted.
    • Complaining about having to follow the rules or telling me you don't like how I run my sales (any portion of it, including how I do checkout), you are free to not shop. I do what works best for the MAJORITY of customers, and ME, I can't please everyone. No one is above following the rules, no matter how much you spend.
    • Accusing me of not sending items when I did, and yes I do have videos of every order that is packed.
    • Were you asked to read the rules of my pages and continued to ask for things you were not supposed to? Aka things that were clearly answered in the rules and info? Might sound silly, but I do have my mental limits, again, I'm just one person.
    • You started FOLLOWING and/or MESSAGING my customers.  NOT COOL.  And yes, I know, because they tell me.
    • Treating me like I'm an idiot is also a no go.  I am a human I can make mistakes occasionally, all it takes is a quick NICE note to let me know, you don't have to make me feel dumb or like I did it on purpose. I assure you it was 100% on accident, I am not a shady person.
    • Have you done any of this to OTHER shops? Especially the not paying one.  


Please note that IF your appeal is overturned, and you are allowed to shop again, you will be held to the HIGHEST standard of the rules going forward. Just because you e-mail does not mean I will respond.  I will especially not respond if you fail to READ the above and still try to re-apply if you have done the items that say NOT TO TRY.   MY goal is not to get into an argument with you, so please just respect my rules and decisions. If you are re-approved I will let you know. 

If you try to get around your block by using other Instagram accounts, those accounts will also get blocked.



**Please note I do not count emergencies against anyone, I understand and when people communicate with me I am very understanding of the situation. But you cannot just go silent and say nothing.