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Feng Shui & Crystal Decor

So you want to improve the vibes of your home, or maybe you are looking to sell your place? Perhaps you're stuck in a relationship rut or feel your luck is running right out of the door. Crystal Feng Shui is here to help! So let’s help guide the magic of your crystals into a more thoughtful and intuitive path!

Not just a fabulous aesthetic, crystals in home decor can be an awesome way to introduce a soft pop of color to an otherwise dull corner of your home. Bring a luxurious edge to your workspace with a Rose Quartz Tower or maybe you want to become the girl boss of your dreams with a huge hunk of Aventurine? Whatever your vibes, there's a crystal to match!  Before we hope into the Feng Shui aspect, here is a bit of an overview on the benefits of crystal decor.

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Feng Shui Crystals

If you want to update a room in your house then I'm sure you will turn to Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration. What may be a little surprising is how many people are choosing to incorporate crystals into their aesthetics. Some larger pieces can be wonderful conversation starters or even centerpieces for dining tables. Not only will you improve the vibes of your home but crystals are also really beautiful to look at.

Some talented artists can shape crystals into abstract shapes, towers, animals or smooth spheres which are also a welcome addition to any space. If you choose an extra shiny stone you can even give the appearance of more light entering a room.

If you are working as an interior designer, don't be put off by old practices like crystal healing and Feng Shui. Many younger renters and homeowners are enjoying the revival of these practices. Since the pandemic, many young people have started to enjoy learning about crystals and Feng Shui as a way to reconnect with the space they were isolated in for so long. 

For real estate agents or home stagers planning an open house, be mindful of the location. If you know the property is surrounded by alternative medicine practices and yoga studios, your potential homeowners may dance with joy at a few crystals scattered around the place. Often the layouts promoted in Feng Shui compliment a room very well even if you don't feel any change in energy.  Or you can use a crystals as a subconscious way to make people feel welcome or at home.... and of course they will just make the rooms look beautiful!


Crystals in everyday life 

More and more influencers are turning to crystal water bottles and face rollers as part of their daily routine. This everyday promotion of crystals has made them 'cool' again. As a real estate agent or interior designer, you shouldn't shy away from these trends when staging your homes. Embrace the next generation's love of all things sparkly and invest in a couple of dazzling pieces to appeal to potential homeowners.

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What is the deal with Feng Shui?

So maybe you couldn't even point to North when lying on your couch but why does that even matter? Well, Feng Shui has some super cool benefits to keep the universe under your control! Let's go through the basics and why you should feature them in your home!



Wood, Fire, Earth, Water and Metal of the five elements are an aspect of Feng Shui that come from Taoist philosophies. The basic idea is that the cycles of nature bring balance to your life. By featuring these materials in a special way you can bring their qualities into your home.



Think self-care, healthy boundaries and nourishment you can bring a little Earth into your home with rectangular shapes and the color yellow!



Beauty, precision and joy - what's not to love? Harness a little metal magic with metallic colors and circular shapes.



Wood brings growth, vitality and healing so it is absolutely perfect for a new home where you can grow your family or heal from the past. Bring wood into your home with green, blue and rectangular columns!



If you are interested in representing wisdom and deep connections in your living space, represent water. Add some black, blue and wavy shapes for the ultimate space of wisdom.



Of course, fire represents passion and inspiration! If you are looking to feel inspired in your space and bring your creative A-game then add some reds, oranges and triangular shapes to your home.

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The Commanding Position

As with many aspects of life, the important things need to be in charge! The commanding position is a space in your room where you can see through the door but you are not exactly aligned with it. This is the ideal spot to place your desk, stove, bed and other important pieces of furniture. From a practical perspective, you can easily see anybody who is entering the room but from a spiritual perspective, this is said to put any new opportunities directly in your view.


The main rules of Feng Shui

Start off with the entryway. You need to keep this space free of clutter so the good vibes can flow freely into your home. If you are a realtor it could be good to thoroughly clean and tidy this area on the outside before an open house. Keep the curb appeal on a blank slate level and let your potential homeowners create their own vision. We want a neutral space with a positive first impression! If you are implementing any crystal Feng Shui I would suggest adding Citrine to bring in some warmth and sunlight to the space.

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Feng Shui Living Room

Now we might tackle the living room. Keep seating facing towards each other to encourage connection and conversation. Also, ensure that you have enough seats for everybody who lives in the house and a couple more for any guests! You don't want to close the door on any potential positive connections! For a warm and cosy room filled with love, add a Rose Quartz piece to the space, or any of the crystals for love. If you are dressing the space for a viewing, add some green plants. They bring the wood element and provide a healthy vital energy to the room. 


In The Kitchen

The kitchen! Often the heart and soul of the home, providing nourishment to everybody who lives there. You want this space to be clean and tidy. Don't forget to clean out your refrigerator! We don't want any guests to be faced with sour milk and moldy cheese if they choose to take a peek inside! When you wipe down your countertops, fill the space with good intentions. Bring positivity into every dish you create and stir good vibes into every mug of tea you serve. If your kitchen can get a little chaotic, add some Selenite. The calm and positivity from Selenite will bring a peaceful atmosphere that all your guests can enjoy.


Bathroom Vibes

Bathrooms are often overlooked but you must not forget them! They have many drains which in Feng Shui is said to allow all the energy (even the positive) to drain out of your home! Keep your bathroom door and toilet seat closed to minimize this as much as possible. In Feng Shui, flowing water represents the flow of wealth and money. To try to benefit from this hidden abundance, keep a piece of Pyrite, Amethyst or Green Jade in your bathroom. If your bathroom allows it, add some plants! Not only will some plants love the humidity from a shower but they bring a sense of life that is often missed in bathrooms. Not to mention many plants help purify the air!


Feng Shui Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sacred space representing yourself. Place your bed in the commanding position and start to rearrange the room for your advantage. Try to keep the space under your bed empty or only fill it with bed-related items. We need this space to be a peaceful sanctuary for rest. If you like, you can add Earth elements to your bedroom with a neutral-colored square rug. The bedroom is also a lovely place to keep Rose Quartz for self-love and Red Jasper or any other crystals for sleep to have a peaceful night of rest.

fortune corner

Fortune Corner

In 2022 we need all the prosperity we can get. The cost of living is wild and the news is a little bleak. Let's grab the corner of prosperity with both hands and manifest all the success! 

To find the corner of prosperity, look through your door and at the back corner on the far left. This is your space! Fill this spot with purple accessories, Green Jade, Amethyst, Citrine and a houseplant. Some dedicated followers of Feng Shui even place a small water feature in this corner to maximize their prosperity!


Love & Relationship Corner 

Stand in the doorway again and locate the far right corner. This is your relationship and love corner! It is important to use this corner to manifest all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. For career success add a little piece of Sunstone or for family relationships add some Garnet!


Knowledge & Wisdom

The lower left corner of the room is your knowledge and wisdom corner. Perhaps this is the ideal location for your desk or a reading nook. For added wisdom place some Sodalite or Kyanite here!


Travel Corner

Locate the lower right corner of your room and dedicate this space to your travel dreams! This corner can also be used to appreciate helpful people in your life. For travel, aspirations grab some Malachite, Aquamarine or Moonstone. To give a little love to the helpful people in your life reach for Obsidian, Rose Quartz or Tiger's Eye.


Hope that helps a bit on where and what to place around your home in your crystal decor!

To learn more about Feng Shui with crystals, there are some books out on the market you can snag.  Crystals and Other Practical Healing Energies and also Crystal Prescriptions are just two of the options available.

Keep in mind that many 'feng shui crystals' are referring to the faceted glass tear drop, and not natural crystals.  So when you search, that will likely come up most.

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