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Colombian Amber with Insects

Colombian Amber with Insects

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Stunning polished Amber with bugs. This Amber is from Colombia and has been dated at approximately 60 million years when the Smithsonian found the Titanaboa fossils in Colombia. These have been beautifully polished with a slow natural process that takes over a month.  Every ingredient used (water, sand, etc.) is not only natural, but is also sourced from the local land that these pieces come from. They are UV reactive.

You will receive the exact piece of amber with bugs that you choose in the dropdown menu! When you change the dropdown menu selection, the photo will update to the piece it is assigned do.  There are more amber with bug options available on the website, including smaller ones!

I also have a semi-polished amber (no bugs) available on the website!



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Amber Bugs

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Colombian Amber with Insects - Choose Exact Piece!

amber with insect

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