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Colombian Polished Amber

Colombian Polished Amber

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Polished Amber is a fascinating gem with a history that dates back approximately 60 million years, a time when colossal creatures like the Titanaboa roamed Colombia. These amber pieces are thoughtfully drilled, allowing you to wear them as pendants if you prefer. Beyond their aesthetic allure, Colombian Amber carries remarkable energetic properties.

One of its significant attributes is its association with the sacral chakra, which serves as the focal point for passion and intimacy. If you're seeking to ignite the flames of excitement and add some zest to your life, Amber can be the stone to kindle that inner fire. As the astrological birthstone for Leo, it embodies qualities of courage, strength, and vitality, aligning perfectly with the dynamic Leo spirit.

In the realm of Feng Shui, Amber is highly regarded for its ability to introduce a sense of grounding and stability into any environment. If your home or workspace feels a bit chaotic or unbalanced, incorporating Colombian Amber can help restore harmony and infuse a calming influence. Its soothing presence can be a transformative addition, bringing a renewed sense of equilibrium to your surroundings.

Here are just a few of its common properties.


You will receive ONE polished amber piece that is intuitively chosen. This Amber has been tumbled, so it has a semi-polished finish.  This is MUCH better than most Amber that is dissolved to create this same finish. You CAN use these to burn if you'd like. Most people use Copal because it is cheaper, but this will do the same and give off a subtle pine scent.

These are approx. 1.5-2" in size.


The tumbled pieces shown in this photo are examples only. Size and color may vary slightly. The piece you receive will be chosen for you and may not be requested. Please do not send a preference.

Additionally, the stones in the photos may not even be in stock anymore anyway. Thank you!!


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Polished Amber

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