Caring for Your Crystal Sleeping Mask

Gray Crystal Sleeping Mask

I thoroughly hope you are enjoying your Crystal Sleeping Mask from us!!  If you haven’t heard of our crystal healing sleep masks, here is a little bit of information as well as the care instructions.

The Contempo Crystals Crystal Sleeping Eye Masks feature a satin sleep mask with small tumbled crystal chips sewn onto a ‘diamond patch’. These crystal sleep masks make a unique crystal gift, or perfect for yourself if you struggle with sleep. They can even help to banish nightmares!

Keep your protective energies near you for an amazing night of sleep! People have been sleeping with crystals under their pillows for as long as we can remember. Now you can have them closer to you in an easy and fashionable way with this crystal sleeping mask!!

Crystal Healing Mask Diamond Patch

Each of these satin gemstone eye masks have 8 specific crystals for sleep hand sewn (with love and intention of course!) on to a cute diamond-shaped patch. The crystal patch snaps on and off so that you can easily wash the mask without damaging the crystals. While your mask is in the wash, or just during the day, be sure to use our Selenite Charging Slab to cleanse your mask crystals.  We have a variety of selenite slabs in the shop.

Each of the 8 crystal chips has its own metaphysical and healing properties, but these are the ones related to sleep!

HOWLITE (white/gray): Helps calm an overactive mind, reduces anxiety, and can help you have a more beneficial dream state that can even help once you’ve woken.

One amazing stone! It is nurturing, helps with feelings of contentment, comfort and reassurance. It is even great for those who are afraid of the dark!

AMETHYST (purple): Because of it’s energy, it is known to help regulate sleep cycles, boosts moods with a calming feeling, and can help with blood circulation. Similar to tourmaline, it blocks radiation and negative ions.

HEMATITE (silver):
Extremely grounding. Helps calm anxiety and promote feelings of being safe and protected.

LABRADORITE (light gray/flash):
Relieves anxiety and makes you have the feeling that ‘everything is ok’. It may give you vivid dreams as it helps you connect spiritually.

JADE (green):
A sweet stone that offers peace and calm. Protective and helps remove negative thoughts. May also help enhance dreams as well.

MOONSTONE (white/flash):
Is a crystal that is almost like receiving a warm hug… it is comforting, soothing and amplifies the feeling of love to help cure insomnia.

Will help you transition through the sleep cycles. It will also help to amplify the benefits of the ones listed above.


– Remove the Crystal Patch by snapping it off. If you have a selenite slab, place it on there to charge or cleanse your crystals. You can also use sage or palo santo smoke. Do NOT wash your patch!

– Hand washing your mask is the best!! Use your favorite soap and air dry. If you have to use a washing machine, please protect your mask in a laundry bag.  My favorite thing to use are the little bra bra bags from this laundry bag set that I bought on Amazon.

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Caring For Your Crystal Sleeping Eye Mask

caring for a sleeping mask

using a bra laundry bag to wash a sleeping mask