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Palo Santo Wood Chip Box

Palo Santo Wood Chip Box

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Cute and simple little Palo Santo Wood Chip Set. This sustainably and ethically sourced Palo Santo Wood is used to help cleanse the energy of one's home or crystals. This set contains about 2 tablespoons worth of Palo Santo shards and shavings. These are perfect to use in one of our little Lotus Incense Bowls, a little cast iron cauldron, or fire safe bowl. Be careful what you use as it can get really hot.

Palo Santo is a species of Bursera graveolens* from South America. The wood must naturally fall (like a branch falling off), or the tree must experience natural death (aka not chopped down), and sit for many years before it can be collected. It is also collected in the most respectful and traditional way, and in addition to supporting the local community, they also responsibly re-populate the forest.

To use Palo Santo to cleanse your crystals or home, simply light the wood on fire at one end. After a short period of time burning, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to flow over the crystals or throughout your space. Be sure to do so with a window or door open.

**Be very careful while lighting, and keep out of reach of children or pets.**

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Palo Santo Wood Chip Box

Cute and simple little Palo Santo Wood Chip Set.

Palo Santo Wood Chips for Crystal Cleansing